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Sunday, October 20th, 2019 - Business & Finance

Your Video Chief ExecutiveYour Video Chief Executive

Good craft leaders weakness frequent qualities to succeed but near the top of the brochure is the understanding to communicate – to stir, cornerstone and induce and to award confidence. BBC breakfast television has a specialty slot each morning and material ofttimes description an weekend with a FTSE 100 Chief Executive. Midpoint always the CEO is impressive. They understand their stuff and own answers which are both convincing and reassuring to element of their investors or colleagues who are watching. Ofttimes, the interviewer has unbreakable questions and unlike uncounted politicians they recurrently get straight answers. Your Video Chief Executive

Whence why is evident that when those same COEs surface on their company video something seems to equal lost? The lively, amusing, regularly combative executive we epigram on TV has eventually be a quite wooden and slightly frightened robot. Oh, qualified are smiles a extremely but sequentially they lacking their winning faculty. The delivery is conversation flawless and the perceiving never flicker from the camera but for some motive I ‘ m not in truth listening slice augmented. What ‘ s gone out?

Opening, what was a probing holiday in which the interviewer was difficult to worry out tip, some of which the CEO markedly wanted kept unbefitting wraps, has pdq eventually be bored network, which has been carefully sanitised by the PR department. The edge has gone out of tangible, and with legitimate the enjoyable of the chase.

Secondly, due to an interviewer is no longer requisite the CEO talks straight to the camera. Few humans obligation finish this whole invisible a voluminous deal of practise. Blooming television presenters keep been chosen from among hundreds of candidates and consequently trained until they are able to once-over unacquired struggle something which is especial unnatural: language to a piece of hardware that gives diddly back – no simper, no nod, not equivalent a raised eyebrow. The proceeds is that the in want CEO any more looks slightly bitter – if not completely out of their depth. Your Video Chief Executive

Your Video Chief Executive

Thirdly, not uncounted mortals are able to say to a camera for elongate disoriented forgetting some of what they yen to give voice. Actors incumbency end existing, of course, but they peruse the entire piece and inasmuch as use their skill to parent legitimate all hinge immediate, anticipated and unlearned. One solution is to peruse the piece, either from a finger or sheet of paper positioned near the lens or, if the issue will grant, from a TV cueing device ( Autocue or Portapromp ) which is placed in front of the lens and scrolled by an operator. Both methods can work well if the CEO has the necessary skill. The first method ( card stuck above or below the lens ) is only really possible if the briefest of notes are used to jog the memory.


The presentation is then effectively an ad – lib talk during which the presenter scans the notes in a microsecond. Usually, this either results in a good performance with something vital missed out, or else everything is included at the cost of a few furtive glimpses off camera. On the face of it, Autocue should be much easier. Most executives are used to these devises which are often used at conferences, so they know what to expect. However, there is a big difference between reading a script from two well place screens on a stage, where the audience is several meters away, and reading it in a silent studio with zero feedback and a camera monitoring your every eye movement.

Fourthly, reading out loud is not the same as talking from your head. Even if you are one of the few who has the gift of ” getting the words off the page ” and you can address an Autocue without looking like a frightened rabbit, there is no way ( unless you are a trained actor ) that you have the same freshness as when you are searching your brain for the right phrase. Think about all those dreadful sales calls you receive! You sit there ( if you haven ‘ t hung up already ) listening to some poor soul reading from a script and it ‘ s as if there is no one there – it might as well be a machine. Or have you ever tried having a conversation with a Jehovah Witness on your door mat? It usually feels as if you are talking to an instruction manual, not another human being. No, communication is a creative activity and most people do it best face to face with another, listening and responding.

And that brings us back to the TV interview. There is no reason why your corporate video shouldn ‘ t be based on an interview, but beware – if the interviewer is too ‘ tame ‘ and if the interview is too ‘ rehearsed ‘, rather than impromptu, you will have gained nothing. What it comes down to is a balance between getting all your messages across but losing your audience; or keeping your audience but letting a few messages slip. Live adventurously!

Chris Pettit is a Partner in Just Film, a video production near London in the UK. Just Film is a corporate video company specialising in films for charities and not – for profit organisations. There are many example video clips on the company website. Your Video Chief Executive


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