WordPress is Best for Blogger and web developer

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Wordpress is Best for Blogger and web developerWordPress is Best for Blogger and web developer

Blog Sketch Tools: Day WordPress is designed to reproduce child’s play enough for non–coders, WordPress does concede you to customize templates. Learned are umpteen unlocked source templates out licensed for you to choose from, or if you allied ( and you keep erudition of CSS ) you constraint alter your own to fit your needs. If you ‘ d elevate to stick to standard WordPress templates, you still have dozens to choose from, then you won ‘ t exemplify limited in conniving your blog. You onus customize the templates hole up your own header equivalent, font color, sidebar widgets, plugins and else. WordPress is Best for Blogger and web developer

The berth box is easy to end and duty stand for used in either issue or HTML mode. The standard content box operates a lot equivalent a conversation processor cache like controls. For instance, well-qualified are buttons and fields that let on you to quarters fonts, growth font size, bold issue, pocket money paragraph colors and countless other standard formatting options. The WordPress vocation box again has a spell check and a preview. You answerability feeble add links and images, however images are deeper by URL, therefrom if you are using your own portrait you have to upload factual and mobilization the WordPress assigned URL. Fortunately, the photo uploader is fairly walkover to use and offers you several colorful options about how the picture will loom on the blog ( size, clue, etc. ).

Obviously, the HTML – based spot box is for nation who both comprehend HTML and exalt augmented exact manipulation over their content. The WordPress apps fully stave embedding cd and orchestration players in your blog by smartly copying the insert code into the HTML gaze pane.

Higher help of using WordPress is the wide multifariousness of plugins and widgets that you incubus purpose on your blog. WordPress is precise popular thence masterly have been a lot of mortals who retain created further plugins to swelling functionality. Some of them are designed to panoply up on your blog page, approximative blogrolls, photo slideshows and link lists, to humble programs that escalation functionality in the WordPress apps, twin automatically sending dewy posts to Twitter, adding air to your blog or applicable tag and keyword usage.

Through you responsibility spot, WordPress does a gratifying activity of catering to nation that use simplicity in that well thanks to those that exalt options and functionality.

Promotion / Tracking Tools:

WordPress. com sends your blog propaganda to both Google and Technorati and allows readers to set to RSS or Atom feeds. We fast found our specimen blog on Google within a occasion by keyword.


One of the most incredible nature of WordPress is the standard of traffic stats available, especially considering existing ‘ s a unpaid service. In fact, the one other blog service that comes close is Squarespace, which isn ‘ t free lunch. Other services move hold traffic stats if you gem poll feast plug – ins, but WordPress trumps them all duck a chargeless stat tracker. Actual keeps lane of views for specific posts, both daily and all – bout views, as well as overall pageview numbers for your entire blog by day, week and month. There is also a list of the top referring sites, the top keywords that brought people to your blog and the links that people clicked on while visiting your blog. The average user looking to create a personal blog will probably only be concerned with how many people visit, but if you want to create a following or report on a particular industry, the other stats will prove quite useful in monitoring growth and finding out how people have found your blog.

This service also supports private blogs and you can block particular words in comments or specific users from leaving comments. Unlike many services, WordPress. com has a search comment tool and a spam blocker so you can eliminate spam comments or useless, non–contributory comments.

Ease of Use:

WordPress is exceedingly easy to use. It is simple enough for an average user, but has enough features to suit a business. And all of those features are easy to access and use. You do not have to know HTML to post an attractive blog with WordPress. com; you also do not have to know how to submit your blog to search engines. The service routinely submits your blog to Google ‘ s blog directory. We also liked it because you can change things like your header image without having to figure out pixel by pixel size. Sidebar widgets can be added and arranged by drag and drop and most other alterations are just as easy.

The overall navigation is simple. There are three main menus: Write, Manage and Comments. The Write menu allows you to put your text, links, pictures and video in and then customize how the blog will appear. There are collapsible feature lists that let to change the author, tags, trackback settings and more. The Manage menu allows you to see all the posts that have been published. If you click on one of the posts, it brings it up in the Write screen so you can make modifications to it as if you were just writing it. The Comments screen allows you to approve, delete or edit any comments you receive. One of the most useful plug – ins we can recommend is one that can filter out spam comments as that will save you some time.

Technical Help / Support:

WordPress. com offers support through helpful FAQs, tutorials, a searchable knowledgebase and comprehensive weblogs, such as ” Lorelle on WordPress. ” This site also hosts many user contributed blogs with tips, tricks, advice and much more. Unlike many services, WordPress. com accepts emails.


Originate a stylish, ad free blog and start spreading your message today with WordPress. com. We think that recreational and accomplished bloggers alike will find the simplicity and functionality of WordPress. com liberating. Be sure to check out all of our reviews on blog services. WordPress is Best for Blogger and web developer


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