Wireless battery charging technology

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Wireless battery charging technologyWireless battery charging technology

Advances in technology are increasingly easy man, this time about the battery charging in a variety of wireless devices without cables alias. Wireless battery charging technology

With the technology and tools developed WiTricity Corp, you can charge the battery (charging) mobile phones, game consoles, laptops, and even electric vehicles only with a wireless connection that does not require wires.

“WiTricity Corp. is working to make this future a reality, developing a wireless electricity technology that will operate safely and effectively within the range of centimeters to several meters – and will transmit power from milliwatts to kilowatts,” he wrote in his explanation WiTricity on their official website .

According to WiTricity, these devices are safe for pets and humans, have a high level of efficiency.

Black box-shaped components resemble a picture frame that can supply power without wires to devices in the home, although in different spaces, with a certain distance according to a range of the instrument.

WiTricity says that the device will be available on the market later this year and the next two years similar technology can be used to charge electric cars. Will follow for the pump (shock) the heart and other medical implants.

WiTricity nearly five years of using technology developed at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), which extends the reach of wireless inductive charging.


Similar technology is actually not new. Nikola Tesla was introduced 100 years ago, and the inductive charger for toothbrush and video games controllers are now widely circulated.

However, an inductive charger that is already on the market today operate within a very short and requires physical contact between the charger with electronic devices, not much more convenient than plugging in the cable connector, writes Technology Review. Wireless battery charging technology

Wireless battery charging technology

WiTricity with IHI Corporation and Mitsubishi Motors Corporation have agreed to form joint teams to research and develop inductive charging for electric vehicles.

The purpose of collaboration is to make electric vehicles more convenient for the owner, by speeding popularize and ensure the availability of wireless charging in homes and at shopping centers and parking lots.

Wireless charging system allows transfer of energy from sources that are placed on or under ground vehicles equipped with devices to capture energy.

Charging automatically when the vehicle is parked, with no physical contact between the vehicle and the charging source.

However, the range of skills needed for more efficient charging is still being developed. Wireless battery charging technology


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