Why local (Indonesia) is often problematic laptop LCD?

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Why local (Indonesia) is often problematic laptop LCD?Why local (Indonesia) is often problematic laptop LCD?

I raised this topic based on my experience dealing with service of a wide range of laptops that go to the place of a laptop LCD saya. In Parts  its problems derived from the average local laptop such as Toshiba, A Note, Byon, etc.. Why local is often problematic laptop LCD?

No doubt that most of the laptops that circulate in Indonesia despite the outstanding brands such as Toshiba, Acer, HP, Compaq is well-known brands, but the actual assembly in / local assemblies as well. But with better quality control.

Most of the problems facing our clients to a local laptop is the LCD, either striped appearance, shaking display, the color is less sharp, missing color, and so on. Although the brand of the same LCD used for all laptops, and most of the LCD are still experienced by using the inverter. Most of all if I may say, hard to handle except LCD damage reimbursement.

Why local laptop LCD more problematic?

My analysis because its VGA module is less good than the laptop brand out. VGA module is started from the VGA chipset on the mainboard, flexible cables, flexible connector to the LCD, flexible connector to the mainboard, and the inverter. Special inverter, inverter effect on the quality of the resulting voltage to power the LCD, resulting in an effect on the LCD, especially now that there are inverter compatible, I recommend an inverter compatible inverter hard to find the same / identical in terms of ‘forced’. Why local (Indonesia) is often problematic laptop LCD?

But the main cause much damage to the LCD is ‘wisdom’ treat our laptops, we sometimes treat the laptop as a desktop PC. Using a laptop for hours. Remember! longer use the laptop resulting in excessive heat, and heat is the main enemy for the laptop, one resulting in damage to the LCD, and LCD is the most expensive after a mainboard, average – average new price of Rp. 1.3 to 2 million, the second ranging from Rp. 800 thousands. So imagine if our laptop price of 2 million, continues its LCD is damaged and must be replaced.

My advice to durable LCD Laptop:

1. Use laptop as wise as possible, do not use a laptop 3 hours in a row, turn off about 10 minutes, then continued. Could use more time but use a quality coolingpad / coolingpad using power source / adapter itself.
2. Use the setting contras / brightness on the LCD’s
3. Setting the LCD time off when the laptop is not used
4. Take care of properly LCD because the LCD is 40% of assets of the laptop
5. Open the LCD cover by holding it from both sides of the right-left, instead of it, because on top of which there are blocks vulnerable to damage. Why local (Indonesia) is often problematic laptop LCD?

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