Ways to Save Laptop Battery

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Ways to Save Laptop BatteryWays to Save Laptop Battery

If you frequently go to the cafe, mall, airport or to other places and always carry a notebook / netbook, you may often have problems due to power your notebook battery does not last long when ignited. To fix this, try these tips to save battery life of notebook or netbook you have. Ways to Save Laptop Battery

These tips will not be useful if the battery of your notebook may be old or drop the condition has only lasted a few minutes when ignited. There is no other way than to replace old batteries with new notebook. For others, a notebook battery condition is normal, can try this exciting tips.

To help maximize the performance of your notebook battery, it is important to first understand how batteries work exactly how and where power is applied. By understanding this you will be able to determine what steps should be done in order to save battery life of laptop you have.

Where the flow of electricity from the battery drain?
Microsoft, through its Engineering Windows 7 blog he has compiled a very useful diagram for you to learn anywhere electricity flows in your notebook. In the diagram it is clear that the LCD screen is the most energy consuming of the notebook. From the diagram it is also you can help us to maximize battery life savings of notebook / netbook you’re using.
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The first thing you need to do to determine the efficiency of power is a battery saving configurations carefully when you notebook screen will turn off automatically when not in use (see the diagram once again, the LCD screen is the most wasteful of resources) and other pngaturan-setting.

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Next, do the efficiency of other devices such as hard disk drive to determine how long it will stop after no transfer of data, saving power for Wi-Fi, processor, graphics card and other devices. You can also determine when the fan of the notebook will turn on, whether to stay at the default (following the performance of operating system) or as you wish (in some conditions will slow the performance of the notebook), which would certainly save more battery from your notebook. Ways to Save Laptop Battery

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In accordance with what we see on the diagram, the most important of all how to save battery power is to make savings on the screen. You can make savings by controlling the light emitted from the notebook screen and meredupkannya seredup-ruination to a certain extent where you can still see the screen of the notebook. Although important, this is not recommended for those of you who have a vision that is less sharp as it can menyebabkab pain in your eyes. So even though important, do not sacrifice your eyes just for a notebook battery Battery Saving Tips on Notebook / Netbook Image

Continue with the next step, turn off several devices at the time was not used but still active. Device may not be useful as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LAN cards and other devices that are not needed. Try to avoid the use of external devices are like an external hard drive, flash disk or other USB devices as some of the devices it is very draining performance from your notebook battery.
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In addition to hardware, software sometimes also be the cause of your notebook can not last long when ignited. Moreover, if in your notebook a lot of applications running in the background (applications are still running but not visible on screen) the actual application is not required. For those who are used to tamper with the system, you can easily turn off the useless applications. But, for the “blank” and not used to be puzzled how to turn off the application. This can be overcome by using a software aerofoil that can help you to overcome them. Aerofoil is one of the free software that can help you manage the applications that run on your notebook and can help you to save power in notebook.

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One more step you need to do to save the battery, try to use Hibernate mode when your notebook is not in use. Hibernate mode does not completely turn off your notebook, but this is a good choice if you do not use the notebook without having to shut down the application that you used previously.

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As an additional step, you need to make your notebook battery maintenance because it is basically the longer the battery notebook battery endurance and power quality has declined. You can perform battery maintenance to keep your notebook to work at room temperature the heat and remove the battery from your notebook when unused for long periods of time. Ways to Save Laptop Battery

How long a battery life of your notebook at the moment?




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