Way service Monitor AOC 15 “screen Dominant Red

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Way service Monitor AOC 15 “screen Dominant Red

AOC monitor the damage to the dominant color of red. So there is one color is missing. How to service that ? Way service Monitor AOC 15 “screen Dominant Red

Previous Kang Eko want to explain that the damage to the color screen is missing or changed very often. And the problem is actually easy to overcome, but there is also a sometimes difficult because of the spare part is hard to get.


Monitor that produce high enough heat in the boardnya. And heat is what causes the cracks in the solder boardnya. Which often crack solderannya are the parts that generate high heat which is usually marked by a cooling of aluminum attached to the components in that section. and most often is a vertical section and a video block or blocks located RGB tip of the tube.

RGB often really cracked block solderannya, because it is close to the heater / tube-like filament incandescent lamp. And if there are cracks in this section, the color monitor is disturbed, because all the colors in the set here. And this is not just happening in AOC monitor, but on most monitors. Way service Monitor AOC 15 “screen Dominant Red


The monitor itself is composed of three colors, namely Red, Green, and Blue or people used to call Red Green and Blue RGB abbreviated. If there is one color is missing, then the color monitor will be in chaos.

Whether direct yes ….

Way service Monitor AOC 15 “Screen Dominant Red:

Change the color display monitor, a variety of causes and how to serve are:

1. Solder cracks, how to cope with the soldering re-board the little brown color because of the heat, or the part and look out solderannya

2. Damaged the image amplifier transistor / short-circuit, the transistor is usually no cooling: how to serve a reply setype replace transistors.

3. Corrupted video IC: IC replace the video

4. There monitor data cable is broken: Verify all data cables, there is usually no 9 cable is used if there is a better break up the data cable to be replaced more …

It just so happens that today service Kang Eko just cracked section solderannya especially section IC solder the pin-shaped seat video.

Ok, good luck . Way service Monitor AOC 15 “screen Dominant Red


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