Way of handling Charger Laptop Flashing

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Way of handling Charger Laptop FlashingWay of handling Charger Laptop Flashing

If you see your adapter light is blinking, then you should be wary. It may be that there is damage to your adapter. Do not use if your laptop while you are still normal. Way of handling Charger Laptop Flashing

What happens if you are desperate?

1. Your battery could be dead
2. One of the components on the motherboard or adapter on fire causing the total dead laptop. (If your laptop is the warranty, the warranty does not apply and it is likely you have to replace the mainboard with a price of 70% of new price)

Indication lights flashing indicates the adapter is no ‘short’ or a short circuit on the mainboard or the adapter.

The way to check is as follows:

1. Borrow another adapter that a brand from a friend to try on the laptop, if there are peculiarities of the adapter as the adapter lights flashing or not lit at all. Or the indicator light on the laptop which is usually blue to another color. Then certainly there are short on laptop problem.

2. Try the adapter on another laptop compatible (One brand, see the voltage and ampere). If the adapter is still blinking, then your adapter seems problematic.

3. Using a multimeter to measure currents and voltages are still ‘normal’ in the sense that according to the voltage and current marked on the adapter label. Usually this is done by a technician to see if the adapter or power board is damaged.

What can you do if you experienced this?

1. If there is still warranty, immediately take it to the nearest service center.

2. Bring to a recommendation that proved reliable service. You can find references in forums like kaskus or chip. Usually there is a testimonial of people who have tasted the laptop service provider services. Way of handling Charger Laptop Flashing

Is it still can be repaired if damaged adapter?

Can, but we really do not recommend. The adapter is very risky repair results. If at any time is short or adapter problem, then bet your mainboard. Better to borrow or buy an adapter KW1 first on the market if your budget is limited to buying a new adapter.

Is it still can be repaired if damaged mainboard?

Way of handling Carger Laptop Flashing

Usually before convicting the mainboard, it will be tested DC boardnya (printed circuit boards where the hole charge) if the short run there. If there is not the case, then the analysis will shift to the mainboard. If the case mainboard to burn, then the percentage of success depend on the extent of damage, the existence of spare parts and technicians who work on reliability. Way of handling Carger Laptop Flashing



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