Vitamin E for healthy

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Vitamin E for healthy

Vitamin E for healthy – Many roads to the word ‘beautiful’. Ranging from body care from outside, through the eating of certain foods and vitamins, which means maintenance of the body. However, so difficult if we only rely on foods that contain specific nutrients. Vitamin E for healthy

So circulate many offers that say the need to consume extra vitamins. Like vitamins C and E especially a supposedly said, merit good for skin rejuvenation.

As vitamin C and betakarotene that act as antioxidants, vitamin E also plays an important role in keeping the body from free radicals. As the slogan on offer from this vitamin is its ability who can overcome premature aging.

So do not be surprised if today manVitamin E for healthyy beauty products that compete by offering its vitamin E content. That is not to be outdone also is capsule products or other forms of vitamins that can be consumed from within.

The extent to which magic vitamin E? This is because the ability of vitamin E as an antioxidant vitamin that can protect damage to the body’s cells from free radicals. Its function could be to reduce the risk of blood clots, thaw frozen blood, preventing blood vessel blockage, strengthen capillary walls of blood vessels, increase the formation of red blood cells, reduce blood sugar levels, improve insulin work, and increase muscle strength and stamina. Well, it’s so much not a ‘magic’ of the vitamin E?!

There’s more the ability of vitamin E that is affecting the hormones, prevent degeneration of vision prevents nerve damage nerve cells, increase sexual arousal, as well as maintain and strengthen the immune white blood cells.

Because the vitamin is included in the type of vitamin that can dissolve in fats, vitamin E can penetrate the cell membrane and enter the cell. That’s why vitamin E can prevent fat oxidation processes and plays an important role in protecting the fatty tissue layer lining the walls of the cells and the major organs in the body.

Vitamin E also can be useful for protecting skin cells from free radicals, protect DNA damage to skin cells to prevent the occurrence of skin kankaer, improved regeneration of skin cells, and can prevent damage to collagen and elastin fibers that trigger the occurrence of skin wrinkles.

Another benefit of this vitamin for the skin is used to manage the acne, inflammation and scar tissue formation, and accelerate the wound healing process.

Because of the many abilities of vitamin E for the skin, do not be surprised if these vitamins are good if consumed regularly. If we consume it regularly or rub it directly on the skin, this vitamin can increase the ‘natural sun protector’ of the skin.

If we look at beauty products are useful as a sunscreen, then that’s where we often find the writing content of vitamin E. Because indeed, vitamins in combination with some specific material capable of protecting the skin from the effects of sunlight that can result in premature aging. (Ika / bbs)


Alert Vitamin E Synthesis

But lately, so many offers of vitamin E that when tangible synthesis. Product prices were certainly cheaper than vitamin E of the original. In fact let alone provide a great benefit to the body, vitamins are actually capable of poisoning the skin because vitamin synthesis has the basic ingredients of petroleum.

Here are some tips that can be used to select the vitamin E:

-Select beauty products that contain natural vitamin E is usually labeled d-alpha tocopherol and be aware of when the written dl-alpha tocopherol because it means that vitamin E synthesis. Vitamin E for healthy

-If a product used to rub on the skin, select beauty products with vitamin E concentrations between 0.1 to 1 mg so that the antioxidant function may work a maximum of

-To be very beneficial, in addition to taking vitamin E from within, also use products that contain vitamin E, which the user applied to the skin

-For outdoor use products that contain vitamin E, choose the product that long attached to the skin. For example, a moisturizer that contains vitamin E

-Do not forget also the vitamin E product that according to condition skin types, oily, dry, or for normal skin.

-Select are also beauty products that contain vitamin E but does not contain ingredients that can make the irritation, allergy, and triggers blackheads or pimples on the skin. For more safe, choose products with labels dermatologist-tested. (Ika / bbs)

Fix Dry lips and nails

Not only able to meet the body’s need for vitamin E from the course. From a single capsule of vitamin E, we can increase the levels and the benefits of vitamin E that is in beauty products to the outside of the body.

In a capsule of vitamin E, when we peel the skin of the capsule, we will find a kind of liquid that comes out of oil in these capsules. Oil is what can we use to be smeared on the outside of the body.

To reduce strecth marks on the skin around the breast or stomach, especially for women after childbirth, just apply the liquid from the capsules evenly. Also do not forget, keep consumption of dietary supplements containing zinc, silica, vitamin E, and vitamin B6.

Meanwhile, to overcome the scars are quite severe, do relaxation massage using wheatgerm oil which is rich in vitamin E. This method can reduce stomach tissue visible scratch on the skin.

His lips look dry? Just Apply vitamin E oil which can be taken from a capsule vitamin E. Do it on the morning after a shower before going to put lipstick on the lips.

Dry nails can be overcome by oil from a capsule of vitamin E. Spread evenly on the nail in the morning and evening. For good results visible, apply a regular basis for one to two weeks duration.

Meanwhile, to protect skin from sun exposure and free radicals such as air pollution, use a lotion that contains at least SPF 15 and a moisturizer that contains vitamins A, C and E as an antioxidant. Vitamin E for healthy



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