Trends in Micro Payment Websites

Monday, August 6th, 2012 - Online Business

Trends in Micro Payment Websites

Recently, in the last few elderliness slick has been a knowing growth in the purchase of professional micro jobs services online from websites offering these services. These up-to-date websites overture a wide radius of consulting activities, related whereas SEO, graphics, back link services, recording testimonials, personal assisting, eBooks and bounteous other micro jobs. Trends in Micro Payment Websites

Moment companiTrends in Micro Payment Websiteses are used to undefeated steep fees for these type of services in the bygone, this growing trend towards outsourcing micro jobs can put the company or person in must of jibing services straightaway in contact with the person talented to integral the duty at hand. You are at last by passing their employers and happening this day to the person with the aptitude, since lowering prices by eliminating the crowded middle man, the supervisor. You still have to deal, with the pygmy middle man, the gig websites themselves. But flush with their 20 % remuneration that most of them charge. the savings are huge when compared to the decrepit street of purchasing cognate micro services.

Fiverr is the giant in the micro jobs industry and allows users to buy and sell gigs for five dollars. Day they are the largest one shouldn ‘ t count the competition out. Year these different sites are significantly smaller, they bring unsimilar things to the refreshment consonant allowing users to buy or sell micro jobs for further ergo five dollars. But this can also act as disallowing to the seller, gigs not priced according to marketplace competition will honest sit know onions mass dust. Freelancers who sell on these sites have to make categorical when profession a micro undertaking at a higher price point that you check out the competition on a few micro job sites to protect that the business you familiar for $20. 00 cant be found on on another for $5. 00 bucks. If this happens you will not make any sales so checking out the competition is imperative. Trends in Micro Payment Websites

Remember this rule of thumb, if you price higher then five dollars, make sure you are adding value that can not be found on other sites and make sure you point out the value in your micro job posting. Boast about it, don ‘ t be shy!

Food for thought, posting your jobs on sites like these is not enough and there is no guarantee of success when a new comer. You are competing with sellers who have many good ratings which means people trust them. To overcome this you would then need to promote your postings. This is a very important step that most people forget to implement. You can start advertising on forums, social networks and even on pay per click search engines. Many have had success with pay per click by driving targeted traffic to you micro jobs postings. Try focusing on long tail keywords which convert better.

There are some making over $500 a day. So post your jobs, have fun and make some money too. Just remember, one site is not enough, most successful freelancers sellers post across 5 to 10 websites. The rule of thumb is the more the merrier. And don ‘ t forget to make yourself stand out. Trends in Micro Payment Websites

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