Trees are Uprooted Due Lashing [Solomon Islands]

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Trees are Uprooted Due LashingTrees are Uprooted Due Lashing

There is one habit that found in populations living in the Solomons, which is located in the South Pacific, which is screaming at the trees. For what? This custom apparently they do if there are trees with roots that are very strong and difficult to cut with an ax. Trees are Uprooted Due Lashing

That’s what they do, in order that the tree was dead.

The trick is, some people are more powerful and daring would climb up to the top of the tree. Then, when it reached the top of the tree along with the population that is under the tree, they would shout with might and main to the tree. They do cry for hours, for about forty days!

And, what happened was amazing. The tree that was cursed at its leaves will slowly begin to dry. After that the branches will also begin to slowly fall and the tree will die, and thus, it is easy to be overthrown.

If we look at what is done by primitive people is truly bizarre. But we can learn one thing from them. They have proved that the shouting is done to a certain living creatures such as the tree will cause the object to lose its spirit.

As a result, the length of time, living things will die.

Lessons that we can take

Well, now, what can we learn from the habits of primitive people in the Solomons this? O, is very valuable at all! What is clear, well remember that every time you cried out to a certain living things it means you’re turning off his spirit. Trees are Uprooted Due Lashing

Have you ever yelled at your children? Such as: “Come quick! Basic slow! “,” Bego really does! Count can not easily do so aja? “,” Do not play games here! Noisy! Noise! ​​”


Or, it could be a teacher screaming at his students: “Hey, Naughton, once wrote matter not be easy. When you are so clever “. Or a boss yelling at his subordinates when feeling Kesel: “Employees like you tuh go if I would kagak nyesel. Gini not capable of work? ELU doing my salary “.

Remember! Every time you yell at someone because they feel annoyed, angry, humiliated, or hurt, then keep in mind with what is taught by a resident of the Solomon Islands this.

They taught us that whenever we begin to shout, we begin to shut down the spirit of the people we love. We also turn off the mempertautkan spirit of our relationship.

The shouts, because we spend our emotions slowly, it will eventually kill the spirit that has been embedding our relationship.

So, when there was a chance to speak well, try to discuss about what you expect. Let us consider in our daily lives.

Shouts, only we give when we talk to people far away, right? Well, do you know why people are angry and emotional, using the distance shouts when they are only a few dozen centimeters. Easy to explain. In the reality, even though they are physically close to their hearts but in fact begituuuu away. That’s why they have to shout!

In addition, by yelling, without realizing they started trying to injure and kill the spirit in people’s feelings because they scolded revenge, hate or anger you have. We cried because we want to hurt, we want to retaliate.

So from now on keep in mind. If we still want the spirit of the people we love continued to grow, thrive and not die, do not use shouts. But, otherwise if you want to immediately kill the spirit or spirits to others in your relationship, always yelling.

There are only two possible responses you will receive. You will get shunned. Or you will get a shout back, in return.

It is time now, we are trying to create a peaceful life, without having to shout in order to achieve our goals. Trees are Uprooted Due Lashing



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