Tivoli Model One BT and Pal BT

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Tivoli Model One BT and Pal BT, Duet Minimalist Retro Radio with Bluetooth

Tivoli Model One BT and Pal BTIf you still remember, we have reported the presence of mini-sized radio system from the Tivoli PAL Radio Tivoli. Well now, Tivoli has released a new generation equipped with Bluetooth connectivity. Tivoli Model One BT and Pal BT

When compared with the Tivoli PAL Radio earlier, the design concept and features a row of not very much different. It’s just that, users can now connect the Tivoli PAL BT with other gadgets that support Bluetooth technology such as laptop, smartphone or tablet PC. The distance range is also pretty good, reaching about 9 meters. To maintain the quality of connectivity, Tivoli have included technology Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) to avoid signal interference other wireless devices can interfere. Although size is not so large, it turns out to accommodate the Tivoli PAL radio has a battery slot so it can be carried if desired.

Along with the release of Tivoli PAL BT, Tivoli Tivoli Model One also presents BT. In addition to a larger size than the Tivoli PAL BT, BT One model also utilizes wood as the frame material. This speaker unit packed a full-range driver measuring 3 inches. For navigation, Tivoli complete with 3 buttons, including rotary control knob sounds, buttons to select the radio frequency FM / AM and buttons to find channel (channel) radio.


If you get bored listening to the radio, this device can also be used as an external speaker for streaming collection of songs on the laptop, smartphone or tablet PC. To connect non-Bluetooth devices, Tivoli also provides the AUX input. Tivoli Model One BT and Pal BT

In terms of energy sources, Tivoli Model One BT is not equipped with a rechargeable battery like the Tivoli PAL BT. Therefore, inilebih device suitable for use in the office or home.

Tivoli Model One Tivoli PAL Radio BT and BT are available in the U.S. market in June 2012. For the price, Tivoli Model One is priced at U.S. $ 260 and the Tivoli PAL Radio BT at a price of U.S. $ 300.
tivoli model one BT
Specifications at a glance Tivoli Model One BT and BT Pal:
Driver: 2.5 inches for the Tivoli Pal BT, 3 inches for the Tivoli Model One BT
Features: Radio, A2DP and Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS)
Battery (Only BT Tivoli PAL): NiMH rechargeable batteries with a shelf life of about 3 hours nonstop.
Distance range: at least 9 meter

Tivoli Model One BT and Pal BT

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