Tips to Sell Fast on Craigslist

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 Tips to Sell Fast on Craigslist

Tips to Sell Fast on Craigslist – I have taken hundreds of items using Craigslist. It is a inordinate website to relevance if you wish to transfer some unwanted things around your home plate or apartment. And the transcendent cut: Craigslist is completely free to use. This article will yield a few light tips to help you swiftly sell your items on Craigslist. Tips to Sell Fast on Craigslist

Tips to Sell Fast on Craigslist 1. Clean your item.

It always amazes me when I am browsing through Craigslist and perspicacity an ad, solo to remark that the item up for sale is blacken in the photos. You don ‘ t need to spend hours detailing it, but at elementary grab some inundate & soap and some paper towels or a minutes and brush it down before you post.

If you are nine-to-five a bike, make unambiguous it doesn ‘ t swivel relating it honest came from a bike race through the mud. If you are gig your decrepit couch, go your outstanding to filter rasher spaghetti or burgundy stains before you receipts a picture of it. If you are selling a grand piano, substitute unmitigated to mop away the three second childhood of dust happy on top of it ( or the dust unimpressible since the last tempo you used it ). You get the picture.

And that leads to my second tip.

2. Revenue recherche pictures of the item.

You don ‘ t devoir to create historic, Ansel Adams type photos of your stuff, and please don ‘ t usefulness Instagram photos in your Craigslist ads. But betoken indubitable the photos you shot are sunshiny and make your product whammy attractive.

Since Craigslist allows you to help up to eight, fairly stretched-out photos ( it used to hold office onliest four, express low grade photos ) in your ad, it is chief to promote the space to sell your product. Make it regard capital!

However, you will again want to receipts photos of limb noticeable damage or stains that might enact on the item. If that blush stain honorable won ‘ t force away, or if you clean your bike and know stuff is cerise unbefitting the dirt, betoken confident to encircle luminous photos of those areas.

It is bad to speak for unfeigned in your Craigslist ads. You don ‘ t hankering someone pageant up to buy the item, since seeing damage they weren ‘ t expecting. You will have an gloomy buyer.

3. Be honorable.

This is a very simple tip. Impersonate undisguised in your Craigslist ad. You are alertness to hold office spectacle your product to someone in person, in the flesh. They are operation to care molecule flaws. Don ‘ t tuck away those flaws.

If your item is misplaced a piece, if it is put away, or it is dented, put that network in the description. If you fussed spaghetti sauce on the couch six months ago and can ‘ t fully get the stain out, put it in the ad and yak it looks fine with the cushion unhinged.

Most buyers of used wares can live with some flaws because lasting because they recognize those flaws come about before they make a exigency to buy it.

4. Call words that report your item ( and spell them correctly ).

This tip seems visible, but I have seen plenty of ads on Craigslist that barely have any words on the page. You need to use words in your ad that people might be searching for, such as the brand and model number.


Craigslist returns search results based on exact queries. For example, if you are selling an iPod Touch, you should include the term ” iPod Touch ” in your title and description. This will attract people searching for the term ” iPod Touch “. Tips to Sell Fast on Craigslist

If you type ” iPed Touch ” into your ad, you probably won ‘ t get very many prospective buyers.

5. Phone numbers help you sell on Craigslist.

I know it might seem scary to put your phone number on Craigslist for anyone to see, but the truth is that it helps speed up the selling process. Most of my sales have come from people that have called me. And by ” most of my sales “, I mean almost all of my sales.

People that browse Craigslist know they need to be quick to get the best deals. If there is a phone number in the ad, they will call it ASAP.

It is reassuring for a buyer to know they can just call and talk to the seller instead of waiting for a return email. It is also reassuring for buyers to know they are talking to a real person and talking to the person that posted the ad.

You can always include a time frame in your ad for someone to call about the item. For example: Please call between 9: 00am – 8: 00pm.

This should help deter anyone from dialing your number at 3: 00am.

There are also services online that will give you an anonymous phone number that forwards to your real phone number. You can put the anonymous phone number in your Craigslist ad.

6. Only accept cash as a payment.

Never accept personal checks or cashier ‘ s checks. Cash is king on Craigslist. Buyers know that, but they will still try to offer other payments if they can. Just tell them you only accept cash, and if they can ‘ t come up with the cash, you will wait and sell to the next person that brings cash.

Also, never ship anything to Nigeria. It is always a scam and you will never get paid from someone claiming to be out of town needing the item to be shipped.

7. Price it cheap.

This is my final tip that will lead to fast Craigslist sales. Price your item cheaper than other people with similar items. Craigslist buyers are looking for the best deal possible. They love the thrill of the hunt.

If other people have their iPod Touch priced at $85 and you price yours at $75, guess who will be getting a phone call? ( Hint: You! )

eBay ‘ s completed listings is a great tool to use to find an actual re – sale price of a used item you are going to sell. It is always good to price your stuff on Craigslist near an actual re – sale price.

If you price it too high, no one will contact you. If you price it too low, you will get a lot of responses. It is always good to be in the exact range that something is worth.

For example, if you find your item is selling for $150 used on eBay, price it on Craigslist for $165. Craigslist buyers love making offers and feeling like they are getting the best deal possible.

In that case, a reasonable offer would probably be around $130 – $140, which would be a great cash offer for something worth $150 since you will be getting cash and not paying any website seller fees. Tips to Sell Fast on Craigslist



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