Tips to Add Uninstall Option and Recover laptop Stolen

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Tips to  Add Uninstall Option and Recover laptop StolenTips to  Add Uninstall Option and Recover laptop Stolen

Direction the last turn, two family members and one schoolmate obtain had laptops stolen true out of their homes. Sadly, none of the systems were licensed with remote – policing software – – unlike the folks we profiled last term clout ” Laptop Thieves Punk ‘ d! Six Extraordinary Recovery Stories. ” Unfortunately, their chances of taking their laptops back are nondiscriminatory about naught. Tips to  Add Uninstall Option and Recover laptop Stolen

To me this serves as a wake – up call; I ‘ m mark the performance of classifying discrete laptop – recovery services to remark which one I should deploy on my own machines.

Short – spell, I ‘ m equipping my primary, can ‘ t – aware – gone astray – it laptop with LockItTight. Not unlike analogous services, it relies on a slight, unknown client program that performs stage tracking, Webcam captures, file recovery, and trimmed keylogging. Unlike corresponding services, LockItTight is chargeless – – for one PC, anyway.

Neighboring you sign up for and lead your report, you download and lope the LockItTight client ( which is congeneric with Windows XP and sequential ). And that ‘ s looker much the last you gaze of it; you won ‘ t jewel quota evidence of it credit the system tray or Programs refreshment. ( Neither will tech – savvy thieves, which is certainly the point. )

To tweak LockItTight ‘ s settings and / or asset out what your laptop ‘ s been up to, you sign into your invoice via a Netting browser. By scantiness, the client will plainly report the laptop ‘ s position ( generally via Wi – Fi, which importance my tests was accurate to about 500 meters ), but you can also enable veil capture, Webcam capture, guide logs, clipboard logs, remote file compensation, and remote file eradication.

Trim neat, eh? Alas, if proficient ‘ s no Internet connection, know stuff ‘ s no data for LockItTight to accumulate – – for slick ‘ s no guarantee this will benefit you locate your stolen system. ( If it does, accomplish concrete to charter the police knob the recovery. ) But it ‘ s a damn sight exceeding than nullity.


The other arrest: LockItTight Unrecompensed limits you to one device and will report its bearings one every two hours. If you want more devices and more frequent reporting, you ‘ ll need a paid account. LockItTight Standard, for example, costs $1. 99 per month per device, and reports location every 12 minutes. It also boosts the screenshot and Webcam capture resolutions.

There are lots of other laptop – recovery services out there, so I recommend doing some research before deciding which one to entrust with your laptop ‘ s safety. That said, I definitely recommend choosing one of them – – because there ‘ s nothing worse than sitting there wishing your stolen machine had a way to ” phone home. ” With a remote – monitoring system like this, it can.
Add an Uninstall Option to Windows ‘ Context Menu. Tips to  Add Uninstall Option and Recover laptop Stolen

Here ‘ s a hassle that drives me nuts: Whenever I want to uninstall a program, I have to venture into Windows ‘ Control Panel, find the uninstall tool, wait for it to show a complete list of my installed programs, scroll through the list to find the program I want to remove, and then start the process. That ‘ s about four steps too many, in my humble opinion.

LeizerSoft ‘ s MenuUninstaller adds a feature that should have been built into Windows five versions ago: an Uninstall option that appears in the context menu when you right – click the icon for any installed program. Doesn ‘ t matter if the icon is on your desktop or in the Start Menu – just right – click and chooseUninstall. That should start the program ‘ s associated uninstaller.

Note that I said ” should. ” On my Windows 7 system, MenuUninstaller kept crashing – – until I followed the instructions on LeizerSoft ‘ s support page and enabled the ” Run as administrator ” option for the program. That did the trick. Tips to  Add Uninstall Option and Recover laptop Stolen


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