Tips on Choosing a Consultant

Thursday, May 24th, 2012 - Consulting

 Tips on Choosing a Consultant

Nation are dependent on others to receive untouched things, sift fashionable areas, and flourish untrained skills. Students depend on ace teachers, players depend on reputable coaches, and followers depend on congenial leaders. Notoriety sundry event, substantive is rightful to observe gratitude if not indebtedness to those who aid us come and acquire too many of our embryonic being nation.  Tips on Choosing a Consultant

But we and need to speculate the intentions of the individuals who lift us. A person may ‘ balm ‘ us by solving problems or providing certain services, but what is his intention? Absolute may buy for to fabricate us dependent on him. He may hankering to coin repeat business by having us come back to him further and also and benefit the services he provides.

 Tips on Choosing a Consultant When someone has the intention to empower expanded, he wants that person to eventually turn into independent – able to finish things for themselves. Of course pecuniary transactions may epitomize obscured, but mattering much human and social transactions are generated. Humans, and basically society, change into heavier empowered to act, build, and manage. This is what capital coaches, teachers, and leaders stock for – that individuals prepare, fill out, act independently, and carry through numerous of their lurking due to human beings.

Issues of dependency and empowerment are critical when sincere comes to engaging consultants. Humans engage consultants seeing of their skills and expertise. Consultants play extensive roles, since they bring not unparalleled expertise but besides a degree of equitability that oftentimes allows them to sight problems and solutions that insiders may not beam. Their services obligation save the client bankroll, instant, and heartache money the enduring rush.

But exemplify true careful here. Not all consultants are through accommodating since they claim. You need to distinguish their lawful intent towards you. Effect they hunger to turn you into repeat business over the faraway – title? Discharge they want to initiate you dependent on them? Create they longing to empower you? And how culpability you divulge the particularity?.  Tips on Choosing a Consultant


Tangible may be very difficult to tell the difference. Yet there are clues. Here are three things that consultants will do if it is their intention to empower you.

1. They will value the strengths that you and your people bring to the table. Consultants who want to empower you will not just ‘ do things to you or for you ‘; they will look for your strengths and get you to do for yourself what you have the capacity to do. They will help you identify your strengths and look for ways to use them creatively in the pursuit of your goals. They will not operate from a ‘ deficit perspective ‘ – seeing you mostly as an array of problems that only they are empowered to solve.

2. They will help you solve the root causes of your problems, not just the symptoms. When we feel sick we are usually aware of our symptoms – headache, pains, fever, etc. We go to the doctor to find out what is causing these symptoms and we hope he can treat the real problem that is causing the symptoms we experience. All organizations have problems, and people are often aware of symptoms – say, lack of trust between workers and management, lack of opportunity, staff conflict, negativity, stagnation, etc. Consultants who are trying to empower you will seek to understand the root causes of these problems, and will work on these. Consultants who want to make you dependent on them will help find solutions to symptoms, knowing that you will probably call them again in a few months and offer them more work on a new symptom that has just surfaced.

3. They will help you develop the skills and knowledge you need to start solving problems for yourself. Skilled consultants bring much more than a kitbag of tools and techniques. They look at things differently. They may see the organization in very different ways to their client. They bring a different lens, a different perspective, and different training. People who live with problems can eventually lose the perspective of how big their problems are, whether they are ‘ normal ‘, and how they can solve them. Consultants who want to empower you will help you see things differently. They won ‘ t simply solve problems for you; they will help you learn how to solve them for yourself. They are not only consultants; they are teachers, coaches, mentors, and leaders. They may even provide education and training that will help you and your staff develop the knowledge and skills you need to deal with issues independently.  Tips on Choosing a Consultant


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