Tips on Buying a Used iPhone

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Tips on Buying a Used iPhoneTips on Buying a Used iPhone

Want to taste this Apple’s popular smartphone, but you have limited funds? Try to find a second alias used iPhone. Tips on Buying a Used iPhone

But be careful, lest you be fooled by low prices offered. Here are some tips to keep in mind before buying a used iPhone.

1. Check the authenticity of the iPhone, ranging from the Serial Number and IMEI, physical condition, to the features offered. Do not forget to match and try all the features of the iPhone is in accordance with official specifications or not.

2. What is a SU? SU is the Unlock Software, means iPhone is carrier-locked country of origin. To be able to use the SIM card from a local provider, you must go through the unlock process. Little trouble indeed, but usually this kind of iPhone cheaper.

3. What is a FU? FU is a Factory Unlock, meaning that the iPhone can be directly used with any SIM card. Another advantage is the Push Notification will run better. If you have more money, buy the iPhone kind of FU is more recommended.


4. Check the condition of the screen if there is a dead pixel or not. Imagine how much money you have to spend if the iPhone screen problems in the future. Do not forget to keep in mind that the iPhone screen is very sensitive and convenient to use. If not responsive, we can be sure the screen is damaged or you buy a fake iPhone.

5. Try to press the Home button several times. If it was less convenient, immediate intention to buy it because it is important to the function keys. Tips on Buying a Used iPhone

6. Check the camera, speaker, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and a few other standard features. Do not underestimate this because if one of these functions are damaged, you own a hassle.

7. No iPhone version which offers additional external memory such as microSD. iPhone uses only internal memory. If there is a microSD slot, we can be sure the item is a replica.

8. Should bring a laptop that has iTunes installed applications when buying a used iPhone. Connect the iPhone to the laptop. If detected by iTunes, then surely the original iPhone. Tips on Buying a Used iPhone


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