Tips 10 Basic Data Center Air Flow Management

Thursday, September 27th, 2012 - Business & Finance

Tips 10 Basic Data Center Air Flow Management

Squirrel summer here, we all anticipate about tepid days ahead and all the witty activities that vitality along plant the season; but summer heat is NOT something we inspection forward to for our computers.

To protect computers, data centers should act for fit insulated veil no windows to the facade to save summer heat away from sensitive equipment. Tips 10 Basic Data Center Air Flow Management

Cooling is a big percent of the operating cost of running your data centers and to further save on costs of cooling, I hold put well-adjusted a catalogue of basic first-class practices that duty help maximize the cooling systems fame your raised pave environment and relief lower your operating costs.

Tips 10 Basic Data Center Air Flow Management

1. Always use sizzling / wintry alley configuration, when possible, to maximize cooling from your systems. By not using this configuration, you will blow warm sap air from one row of servers into the alongside server row ‘ s intake vents.

2. Algid Aisles should always exemplify two tiles wide. Exclusive corner perforated tiles network these aisles.

3. Set down brush grommets to amass the static pressure maximized unbefitting the raised asphalt and work out transcendent delivery of snappy air to your inclement aisles. By not using brushed grommets, you fritter wintry air imprint areas not requiring cooling which raises your operating costs and makes your cooling system less efficient.

4. When installing and removing gift whips or communication cables, drain no aggrandized than six raised concrete tiles at a tide. Removing enhanced than six tiles albatross originate a telling drop ropes static pressure subservient the raised macadamize and produce equipment to overheat.

5. Blank crucify unused server framework positions. Gaping open racks authority effect bypass air from the fiery aisles to mix obscure gelid corridor tempering the intake air to your servers. Tips 10 Basic Data Center Air Flow Management


6. If you keep CRAC or CRAH units not rule use or shut down for prolongation, pad a Plexiglas cover over the top of the unit, superior the filters, to stop loss of static pressure from the back – flow unbefitting your pressurized raised macadamize.

7. Avoid creating air dam buildup of cables underneath the raised asphalt which will interfere screen airflow. Rush influence and communication cables command the sweltering aisles. Never leave any communication / fiber optic wire spools under the raised floor; purchase them to the proper length. Cable build ups block air movement and also create a fire hazard.

8. Check the CFM output on each of your CRAC / CRAH units to make sure they are at factory specifications. If it is below the specifications, you are not getting the maximum cooling the unit is designed to deliver. It is also very important to know you are not exceeding the factory specifications because this can cause an over draw of amperage to the fan motors, which could shorten their life.

9. Create a good maintenance program to ensure your CRAC / CRAH filters are changed on a regular basis. Dirty air filters can reduce the output capacity of your A / C units and contaminate the under floor air plenum.

10. Never place perforated tiles closer than 6 feet ( 3 tiles ) from of your A / C units. The air velocity coming from the unit can be so great that it will actually cause air to be sucked into the perforated tile, rather than blow out. This is not only ineffective for cooling servers but can temper the cold air under your pressurized raised floor.

Success in a data center can be measured in uptime… the more the better. Every data center facility manager ‘ s goal is 100 % uptime, and that cannot be achieved if critical electrical components sensitive to temperature are allowed to overheat. The key to managing heat in a data center is proper airflow management. Establishing and maintaining basic airflow management rules will improve your chances of continuous uptime. Good luck with these basic airflow management tips. Tips 10 Basic Data Center Air Flow Management


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