Positioning Yourself for Business Success

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011 - Business & Finance

Positioning Yourself for Business SuccessPositioning Yourself for Business Success

Actual ‘ s December and you recognize what that means. Not alone is live holiday mania but this is besides the full duration to amuse yourself ready for the New Year. Positioning Yourself for Business Success

If you ‘ re an entrepreneur who is ready to delight in innumerable business success proximate year, I would highly push you to takings a junior day to servitude ON your business ( tolerably than IN your business ) before the jumping-off place of the New Year. Below are 3 tips to utility you prompt focused and ready to shine!

1. Engender positive you celebrate your former success. This one isn ‘ t painless for me to conclude either ( much easier to occasion a record of all the things I yearning to sway done proximate year ). But if you don ‘ t celebrate what you DID accomplish last year, what would reproduce the motivation for achieving proximate year ‘ s goals?. Positioning Yourself for Business Success

You need to hand over yourself a driven on the back. You deserve certain! ( And enact veracious, when was the last juncture you gave yourself division sort of credit? )

Here ‘ s what I would suggest worldliness inspire a piece of paper and copy down 50 things you accomplished last year.

Amen I uttered 50. And no I won ‘ t gate ” but I didn ‘ t accomplish 50 things ” because an answer. You watch, by setting an intention to come up ditch 50 means you ‘ re not going to closing at 3 and miss a bunch that you thoroughly occasion to congratulate yourself for.

Hard by, celebrate! Buy yourself a charming cup of coffee, sit in a bathtub or call up a bosom buddy or associate and divulge them what you accomplished. Hire yourself stroke choice about what you accomplished.

2. Jot down down your goals for beside year. This is large especially the writing down ingredient. If you don ‘ t take down them down, the chances of you in toto accomplishing them are pretty unlikely. In fact, it ‘ s pretty close to zero. According to a famous study of Harvard graduates, less than 5 percent of those who didn ‘ t write down their goals actually accomplished them.

And don ‘ t rush this either. I ‘ m not going to give you a number to hit, but take some time and actually think about what you want to accomplish next year. And make them specific don ‘ t just say ” make more money. ” Put a number in there  how much money do you want to make. Even better, write down how you plan to make more money – – launch a new product? Get X number of people into your coaching program?. Positioning Yourself for Business Success

Positioning Yourself for Business Success

3. Now break down your goals into steps. This is probably the biggest thing you can do to make sure you actually achieve your goals.

The more specific you make your goals and the more you break them down into doable action steps, the easier it ‘ s going to be to follow through with them.

So for instance, with the ” make more money ” goal. Break it down into how you ‘ re going to make more money  like launch a product or get your coaching program going. Get your calendar out and put those milestones in your calendar so you know what you ‘ re shooting for.

Now the idea here isn ‘ t to make this a big, difficult task. Have fun with it. You ‘ re planning your year and you can turn it into anything you want it to be! This is exciting! Take time to enjoy the process. This is your life and your business you should be able to transform it into exactly what you want it to be. Positioning Yourself for Business Success

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