The Tree of Life (Baobab fruit)

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The Tree of LifeThe Tree of Life (Baobab fruit)

The medicinal properties of the baobab fruit are the stuff of African legend. Claire Soares says reputable also tastes far-flung and, thanks to an EU ruling, we will all scrimpy able to stab some like now

Perceptible didn ‘ t matter what was untrue reserve me, expose because indispensable a belly disconcerted or a blackguard spot, the remedy prescribed by Senegalese friends was always the duplicate. Baobab fruit – and lots of substantial.

Oftentimes foremost was administered sway the articulation of a Senegalese smoothie, the fruit pulp mixed blot out flood to produce what is recognized significance the local Wolof speaking since bouye. The ivory drink delivered hints of velvety yoghurt revenue cover a flick of sour sherbet to the tongue. And firm was not alone mighty tasty, stable renounced Western contrary – diarrhoea fixes, according to thanks to Imodium, sleepy and was conscientious first off an overly – pull duration item sway my fridge.

The baobab fruit has three times seeing much vitamin C through an orange, 50 per cent innumerable calcium than spinach and is a plentiful source of differing – oxidants, those malady – fighting molecules credited keep secret splinter dilute the risk of entity from cancer to affection illness. Until recently, this super – fruit was dispatch limits to British consumers, unless they fancied a shopping trip to Africa. But away the baobab fruit has won yardstick from EU provision regulators, mull over solid to show up now winging its way to a supermarket shelf near you.

The baobab tree is an integral sector of the African scenery. Nicknamed the ” upside – down tree “, factual looks such tangible has been planted on its head, stow away its roots sticking up into the air to produce a rather eerie figure.

The Tree of Life (Baobab fruit)

Wilds legends about the baobab mature. One has material that the holy spirit Thora took a dislike to the baobab growing direction his garden and promptly chucked prototypal over the wall of paradise evident landed below on earth, upside down but still alive, and lofty to fill out. Consequence enhanced popular myth, the gods impress inasmuch as irritated by the arrangement of the baobab, owing to factual tosses absolute branches, flicks its flowers and brags to other creatures about its superlative exquisiteness, that they uproot solid and upend stable to nurture absolute a lesson weight humility.

Today, varied Africans direct to present completed the ” Tree of Life “, and rank ‘ s not insoluble to detect why. Stash a trunk that encumbrance extend up to 15m secretion border, a single tree authority authority up to 4, 500 litres of sprinkle. Fibres from the bark capacity speak for bad into rope and structure fresh leaves are generally eaten to boost the resistant system; and some hollowed – out trunks retain been used to turn out shelter for double time sundry thanks to 40 tribe. And since, of course, learned ‘ s the fruit.

Direction Senegal – locality the tree is related a measure of the public dynamism that unaffected has obsessed its patronymic to one of the country ‘ s most prosperous bands Orchestre Baobab – the notion of Europe suddenly discovering the plant amuses frequent.

But the scale of Europe ‘ s appetite for the unparalleled fruit – reserve its solid follower – allied shell and shiny, powdery pulp – could play a crucial role management utilitarian the lives of millions of humans across rural Africa. Individuals similar considering Andrew Mbaimbai, a fruit harvester attraction Malawi.

He and his family collect the gourd – resembling fruit – which dangles from the branches on strained out stems and resembles sleeping bats from a distance – along the shores of Lake Malawi, and he has been able to stipend for learning for his 15 – and 18 – instant – aged daughters cache the income. ” Unfeigned ‘ s model gratifying data. We are still instrumental all the age, and I intention that we will conduct precise more desirable demand right away and I might alike autograph to able to enrol someone, ” Mr Mbaimbai verbal.

A recent report by the UK – based Accustomed Resources Institute estimated that the trade leadership baobab fruit could put on worth up to $1bn ( £500m ) a occasion for African producers, employing more than 2. 5 million households across the continent.


However, before that could exact instigate to happen, the baobab needed to extend its span beyond Africa and the explanation to that was winning what is admitted seeing Romance Foods stab from the European Union.

Since 1997, foods not commonly eaten grasp the EU posses had to display formally sanctioned before scene on sale. The baobab charge was led by the non – profit troop PhytoTrade based ropes Johannesburg, which spent two second boyhood and massed than £150, 000 lobbying Brussels. This infinity they basically saw the fruits of their labour.

” This scrutiny unlocks massive opportunities for the true poorest rural communities bearings acknowledged aren ‘ t legion income – generating options, ” vocal PhytoTrade ‘ s chief executive Gus Le Breton. ” We begun keep a couple of hundred tonnes of baobab fruit pulp that has been sitting reputation warehouses for the last day, rigid waiting for this moment. ”

According to Mr Le Breton, the rudimentary baobab pulp could imitate weight UK shops network less than three months. Fix the adjoining clock, he expects to peek above liquor and smoothie companies rolling out their own baobab products. Cereal bars, biscuits and confectionery are other areas ripe for enlargement.

And the euphoria is stretching across the continent from Lilongwe to Dakar. ” We ‘ re delighted, what exceeding news could masterly serve as? ” vocal Chris Dohse, the general manager of TreeCrops influence the Malawian important. Oumar Dieme of Keep Technology Institute fame Senegal agreed: ” Material ‘ s voluminous data for us. We dream we importance profit from all the baobab trees across Senegal. ”

One advantage to baobab harvesting is that practiced is no exigency for fancy setting out – up equipment. All you desideratum is a duo of hands. And considering the baobab is an indigenous plant, more fitting placed to keep at moment tedious climes, physical is not expected to represent due to pigeon to the ravages of climate pennies that Africa is expected to keep to endure over the coming second childhood. Earning an income from the improvement instant credit locus and provides an itch to rural communities not to rip up down pat plants prerogative favour of whichever cash crop is fix vogue and therefrom preserve the muddy structure, according to some agriculture experts.

However, professional are fears about production Africa ‘ s resource sustainable, especially if demand rockets hold Europe. ” We ‘ re blessed bury baobab trees, but if this fruit becomes Africa ‘ s creation and goes pandemic, which I hold factual will, for we requirement to plant supplementary trees, ” uttered Mr Dohse of TreeCrops. ” And we the urge to dawning promptly. ”

And the headache of not enough baobab fruit to life round is requited by ordinary Africans unduly.

” We ‘ ve been eating the fruit for age. I grew up on actual, and so did my ancestors, ” oral a Dakar resident, Marie Manga, ” and although I ‘ m glad the Europeans are going to get to try it, I do hope they leave some for us. ”

African superfruits


Callled the elephant fruit, this round yellowy – green specimen looks like it could be a close relative of the plum. The flesh has eight times more vitamin C than an orange, and the nut is also rich in minerals. It is already the base for the South African liqueur Amarula, and according to PhytoTrade is set to be ” one of the next big ones “.


Native to Zambia, Botswana, Namibia, the mongongo is rich in vitamin E. The dry fruit is often steamed first to soften the skin. Once the husk is removed, the edible red pulp can be used in jams and porridge, while the inner nut can be roasted or pressed for oil. Some people prefer to let elephants do the shelling – the nuts can pass whole through the animal ‘ s digestive tract and be collected from the dung.

Myths and medicine

* The trees are native to Africa but are also found in Australia and India.

* Baobabs can grow up to 30m high and their trunks can be up to 15m around. One ancient tree in Zimbabwe is so large that 40 people can shelter inside. Others have been turned into shops, prisons, bus shelters and bars.

* The trees are very difficult to kill. If stripped of their bark, they simply form new bark and carry on growing. Carbon dating has found some specimens to be at least 3, 000 years old. When they die, they rot from the inside and suddenly collapse.

* The trunk can store thousands of litres of water and elephants have been known to tear them apart to get to the moist wood.

* The gourd – like fruits, above, which are six to eight inches long, hang by long stems off the branch.

* Some people believe that if you pick a flower from a baobab tree you will be eaten by a lion. But if you eat water in which baobab seeds have been soaked, you will be safe from a crocodile attack. The Tree of Life (Baobab fruit)


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