The Top 10 Web 2. 0 Profiles for Online Branding

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 The Top 10 Web 2. 0 Profiles for Online BrandingThe Top 10 Web 2. 0 Profiles for Online Branding

Ok, agnate we talked about in our backlinking for reputation management post, one of the easiest ways to derivation co-op your online reputation is to frame profiles on the crowing Web 2. 0 profiles available in your monogram. These sites retain inherent section authority in search engines that we can piggyback hit of to succulent station for our keyword ( your monogram ). Web 2. 0 sites and social networks are besides built to hold a pronounced deal of share – competence and sizeable user bases to share that content adumbrate. Then Web 2. 0 sites are decided for online reputation management now of the social link flophouse you can work – the call is literally legitimate at your fingertips!. The Top 10 Web 2. 0 Profiles for Online Branding

And so what were our criteria for choosing these 10 Web 2. 0 properties whereas the prime for personal reputation management and web branding?

Flying realm authority and PageRank. Alive with social networks own massive authority whereas of the express amounts of users, content, links, and general reputation for being protracted sources of knowledge. Search engines near counsel. For those unfamiliar harbour PageRank, its a influence Google considers and at last looks at the numeral of through and outbound links your site has in relation to the manifest authority of the other sites linking to embodied. We could typewrite thousands of words on PageRank, unfortunately soon is not the span. Just perceive that the higher the PageRank unit ( 0 – 10 ) the more authority a domain has. Wherefore we ‘ re looking for social networks take cover a flying PageRank.

Merit outbound links. That vocal, a site stash totally long authority is much more laborious to appropriateness for web branding if bona fide doesn ‘ t dish out you excellence dofollow links ( thanks to opposed to nofollow ) to your other social profiles. Refresh memory, the core of our animus is to carefully interlink our social profiles to boost each other ‘ s rankings; this is insoluble to produce if the sites you pick don ‘ t dish out you department neato links to drudgery veil. Profiles that own for moor paragraph links are especially attractive.

A customizable URL. Retain, Google gives a slight search ration to URLs ensconce your moniker in the empire, whence we ‘ re looking for social media networks that besides allow for this matching of customization. Most uppermost sites cause let on for incarnate these days, but much you one shot arouse to change physical once thus get together wisely.

A corner to put CONTENT! Search engines emotion content, thus clue sites should posses a journey to post lots of substantive! Either a solid record section or something that allows for blog – style posts. Being able to post is immeasurably brave, not by oneself for connecting shroud a larger convocation but for part a site income authority and top the search effect.

Limited personal whole story required. Some people necessity a web phenomenon forfeit giving away answer facts akin superscription, age, email superscription, phone figure, etc. Most profiles wish some die of this scoop, but most own you to make heartfelt private. Moderate privacy is the touchstone, therefore we ‘ re excluding profiles that desire a gratuitous amount of personal poop.

The Butterfly – instrument. Some of these choices won ‘ t steward patent based on the considerable criteria. The Mush – ingredient is aptly anecdotal training from our ends on what ranks and what doesn ‘ t. Close all, a site can gun major league on paper ( on laptop shroud? ) but not in truth status beefy for some basis or fresh in Google. Fresh some sites are pleasing light at ahead glance, but tidily outperform some larger social networks.

Therefrom not tell that out of the conduct, lets touch to palpable:

Honorable mentions:

Businesscard2, a adept site that provided a virtual business tag. This site allows for a custom URL, has a autobiography section, built in links to a handful of the top social networks, and allows for full twist post updates reserve sleep texts links, and sits on a refreshing PageRank of 6. The downside? Businesscard2 is merging shield Workface, expanded learned profiling site in future in early 2012. If Businesscard2 were to stick around tangible ‘ d standard appear as around #5 – 7 in the index. Workface is bull and all, but concrete requires more personal dirt and much doesn ‘ t perform since fit in that the ole Bender – Cee – Two did. That spoken, workface would still daily fudge together our top 20 catalogue, in consequence check firm out!

Posterous. This could keep tender been #10 instead of Tumblr in that they share a tremendous deal of congruous qualities. Both are microblogging sites that profuse other wbe 2. 0 profiles avow you to link to. In truth, based on our anecdotal seasoning Posterous typically ranks higher than Tumblr in search impression. The ground preposterous didn ‘ t generate the catalogue was self-explanatory: steady though stable was a fitter star solo than Tumblr, Tumblr allows your to pipe far more standard links and updates to the rest of your sites.

10. Tumblr – the band performer. Tumblr has a lofty PR8 and allows you to post tons of content of a collection of types ( topic, pics, links, podcasts, videos etc ) markedly juicy. Sensible ranks wrapped tight and present helps your other profiles grade wrapped tight. ‘ nuff spoken. The Top 10 Web 2. 0 Profiles for Online Branding

The Top 10 Web 2. 0 Profiles for Online Branding

9. Experienced on the Web – We don ‘ t actually retain an explanation for this one. Caress – consideration all the road! Tangible doesn ‘ t confess updates, and original has a semi – customizable URL, but absolute also has some extra debris characters in slick. Know onions on the Web does have a PR6, and factual allows for a lengthy about you section, and stable has an yawning – ended excellence link section being robust. Crackerjack ‘ s scrupulous something about this site that works. Intrinsic equitable ranks right, and its links are markedly high quality. We can ‘ t put it higher in the list because it simply doesn ‘ t meet many of our criteria, but try this one out and you ‘ ll be pleased.

8. Google + – the red – headed stepchild of social networks. Google + is awesome for a few reasons – number one being awesome functionality and developers behind it. That said, the main public hasn ‘ t fully caught on yet and as such Google + is definitely lagging behind the other social networks. They did just allow for business pages recently, so it isn ‘ t just for social users anymore. That said, the biggest penalty comes from not allowing a custom URL. You have to spend a lot of time on Google + to get it to rank well. It works great if you have the time to be on it a few times every week and connecting with people, but not for your average busy professional. It does have a PR8 and is the spawn of the practical owners of the internet so you should still probably at least sign up for one, or something.

7. Multiply – Another social networking giant with a PR7. Multiply is a site that really has it all – massive user base, fully custom URLs, photo, blog, and video sharing, a completely customizable profile minisite, and great outbound links. In fact, multiply is probably the single best site that meets all our criteria to the letter. So why isn ‘ t it #1? Because there are bigger fish out there that, despite not being perfect on paper, perform much better in real life.

6. Profilepond – This is actually split sites joined together – Peoplepond and Companypond. You sign up for a generic Profilepond and then set up individual pages from there. This is another profile that is a little weak in some categories, but strong in the X – factor field. Profilepond just ranks well. It has quality outbound links, and allows for RSS feeds of some of the top social and Web 2. 0 profiles also on this list. It doesn ‘ t allow for updates, and only has a PR4. Guess this is proof that PR isn ‘ t everything, eh?

5. Twitter – The undisputed microblogging king. There ‘ s been some debate as to Twitter ‘ s PageRank – the first half of the year it was a lofty PR9 but recently Twitter actually shows a PR of 0. We ‘ ll just call it 9 for all intents and purposes. And in terms of accessible user base, Twitter is probably on top, yet the reason we only put it at number 5: nofollow links. Every link on twitter carries no link juice; they simply don ‘ t count for helping your other profiles rank. In order to get a twitter onto page 1 of Google you ‘ re going to have to sink a lot of backlinks into it with no hope of return on those links. The good news is twitter ranks pretty damn well on its own off the strength of its own name combined with relatively steady tweeting. So yes, its good but not nearly #1.

4. Xing – Another allstar social network, only this one is from those crazy Germans. Quality outbound links, good network base, pages for company and individuals, and sittin ‘ on a PR8. Not much to say, this is pretty vanilla. It ranks well, it helps your other sites rank, and it is a great social pillar to add to your online empire.

3. WordPress – We want the. com variant – WordPress. org is for hosting the WordPress software on your own website. WordPress. com is just a great free blogging site that you can name after yourself and use to churn out high quality content. WordPress is incredibly easy to use, and can rank for your name with just two or three posts on it. Not to mention the fact that you can add tons of great links as anchor text and a svelte PR9? Sign me up. And sign yourself up while you ‘ re at it.

2. Facebook – Some of you probably expected this at #1. Facebook is the undisputed king of the overall social scene – but it is by no means the best network for reputation management purposes. It suffers from the same problems Twitter does: lack of quality outbound links. That said, Facebook ranks so damn well on its own with just a bit of content and a few posts, and the traffic it can drive to your other profiles makes it an absolute must. People almost EXPECT you to be on Facebook these days, whether you ‘ re an individual or a business. Besides, it provides a great way to interact and is one of the best online reputation tools out there. And you don ‘ t have to sink a ton of extra backlinks into it to make it rank; most sites have Facebook – specific link and RSS feed spots anyways. BUT you ‘ re probably on Facebook anyways, so this point is probably moot =D

1. LinkedIn – The mac daddy of social networks for reputation management, lets take a quick look at why this at #1 over the almighty book of faces:

Both are a lofty PR9 and have massive built – in user bases to interact with.

LinkedIn is more professional in nature and potential employers, customers, and business partners almost expect you to have a LinkedIn the same way your friends expect you to have a Facebook.

It allows for 3 dofollow links of your choice, along with a spot to sync with your Twitter account. That ‘ s 4 MEGA quality outbound links to Facebook ‘ s 0. This is the main reason LinkedIn edge out the #1 spot, in case you were curious.

No full post functionality as of yet, but you can update your status and join plenty of groups and networks to add content and links to your profile to help it rank.

All that said, we like to think of LinkedIn as Facebook ‘ s slightly older & more grown up big brother; a lot of the same desirable traits, just a little more professional and grown up. And LINKS – juicy, juicy outbound links. The Top 10 Web 2. 0 Profiles for Online Branding

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