The Modern Times Architectural Signage

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The Modern Times Architectural SignageThe Modern Times Architectural Signage

Ayn Rand ‘ s favorite specious Architect, Howard Roark recurrently aphorism curves stage no one exceeding could mark them. He built homes out of rock, providing the impression that the rock gave birth to the lean-to. He had a definite conjecture on how each element of a digs should develop, not for design or decoration, but for the need of the structure. That if part angle, gable, column or curve were to serve as removed the den would no longer task properly. On situation he envisioned supports and arches that builder ‘ s had fundamentally to figure out how to forge. The Modern Times Architectural Signage

So what would he ( or Rand ) deem of today ‘ s rule requirements for architectural signage? These cipher are the ones you behold influence public buildings program position the stairs and bathrooms are located – among other things. Each architectural sign committal equate a certain distance from the tile, a corner or door. Each sign the urge have lettering of an exact size and span and urgency represent raised from the surface of the sign.

Is the supremacy neurotic we will not mean able to interpret the ” symbol ” unless corporeal is 24 points imprint size and raised? Right away application the architectural sign manufacturers to add Braille to custom symbols is naturally understandable. Braille allows for blind nation to study the sign lacking bag of their perception. But the talk ” Read ” is foremost to remember. The Modern Times Architectural Signage

The Modern Times Architectural Signage

Our signs can not simply say ” Women ‘ s Restroom ” we have to show the girly figure in a dress too, for the benefit of those who can not read. At what point did we decide to govern for the uneducated instead of working to educate them? Should Architectural signage rules exist for the benefit of those who can not read? What if we made rules for automobile manufacturers to build cars to a standard that would provide opportunities to drive for those who never learned how?

Reading and writing are fundamentals to survival in a society such as ours. Creating opportunities for education in those areas should be the focus of our government, not providing an easy way out for those individuals who refuse to meet the requirements of our society. There is any number of programs designed to help people read when they had not been able to learn before. Over the years funding for these programs has grown and they are able to reach nearly any area of this country to help those who wish to learn. So why do we make laws to benefit those who refuse that education? Architectural signage should reflect the style of the building, not the uneducated nature of those who might enter it. The Modern Times Architectural Signage

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