The Magic pen from Advan

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The Magic pen from AdvanThe Magic pen from Advan

When do the meetings, often the outcome document doodles troublesome. Note talks, charts, or schemes that are discussed are forced to continue despite the risk kept missing. If I had to be moved again in digital form to a computer takes time. advan magic pen

Well, now do not have to bother anymore because there is already a digital pen that will automatically save the results of doodles, drawings, or handwritten on paper into digital files. Like a personal secretary, the digital pen to help owners of documenting all the hand scribbles. Advan Magic Pen

One of the outstanding digital pen in the country is the i-Note from Advan. What is i-Note? i-Note is a digital pen that can function Advan production to write on paper and the screen at once. This product consists of a pen equipped with a battery and a chip in it and the base unit and lawyer-paper clips can be connected to a PC or smartphone via cable.

Basically, this product works with the Bluetooth connection. When the pen is moved, the chip and sensors that exist in the base unit will work so that the writing on the paper can be copied on to the next screen can be saved and converted in JPEG format.

How to use this pen is quite simple. First, the basic unit charged subs need to work a maximum of 3 hours while the pen is inserted two SR41 batteries, battery rounded like to watch. Note Manager software to be installed on a PC. advan magic pen

After 3 of the above is completed, the pen is ready for use. First, open the Note Manager application which have been included in the PC and pinned a paper on the base unit. Ensure that pages of writing on the screen has been opened. Furthermore, users can directly write on paper and in real time will be copied on the screen.

Just tips in writing, make sure the hand position sensor does not obstruct the basic unit. When the holding pen, you should put your hand on the back and tilt the pen between 45-90 degrees. Make sure the pen drawings have appeared on the screen base unit.


When finished one page, press the power button on the base unit to start a new page. If you want to delete the note that was pasted on the screen, simply select the menu “clear notes”. After the record is complete, save and change the JPEG format and any letters or notes ready to be sent online.

With i-Note, a note or e-mail sent can be more personal because it shows the user’s handwriting. i-Note can also be used to sign the letter. Surely, this would indicate that the more technology literate users. advan magic pen

If changed to “mouse mode”, i-Note could also serve as a mouse. Driven enough to go to a specific screen location and is pressed to select the menu. However, the “mouse mode” is quite inconvenient for those not familiar.

If buying i-Note, users will also get a CD containing the software Photo Sktecher. With this software, users can add captions to pictures or sketches that have been stored on the PC. The pen can even be used to draw because it is equipped with a color menu.

i-Note can be used for Windows-based PCs and Macs. Not only that, the digital pen can also be used for the Blackberry range of mobile devices. Simply download the application on the Blackberry Apps, then the i-Note is ready for use. In addition to Blackberry, can also be used for devices based on Android. Application can be downloaded free of charge at the BlackBerry App World or the Android Market.

In addition to documenting the handwriting, i-Note also helps users communicate more personally. For example, when going to send a text via email. Now with i-Note, electronic mail can be made more personal because the writing itself.

i-Note very innovative even save a few shortcomings. For example, sometimes the copying process from paper to monitor a bit old and imperfect. Quite often, letters are written to be incomplete. Secondly, the sensor can only capture from a close distance, can not in all areas of the paper. However, this product is still worth a try. Advan magic pen


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