The Latest from the Honda scooter Matic

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The Latest from the Honda scooter MaticThe Latest from the Honda scooter Matic

Spacy provide baggage up to 18 liters, which can include helmets “full face”. The Latest from the Honda scooter Matic

PT Astra Honda Motor launch automatic scooter spacy, at the JI Expo, Kemayoran, Jakarta, Wednesday, April 4, 2011. Automatic scooter segment targeting the lower level side by side with this BEAT for Rp11, 75 million and Rp12, 55 million

President Director of Astra Honda Yusuke Hori said, spacy is the first global product launch in Indonesia. Formerly these products was widely touted as Dio. “We have a new spacy manufactured in Indonesia and China,” he said at the launch. “Spacy will be sold in Japan, Europe, China, and Southeast Asian countries like Thailand and Vietnam.”

Yusuke said, launching the first in Indonesia, because the automatic motorcycle market in Indonesia is growing rapidly. In fact, in recent years has exceeded sale of scooter matic motorcycle sales duck.

Data Indonesian Motorcycle Industry Association (AISI), in 2006, when Honda entered the market first automatic, automatic scooter sales is only 8.3 percent or 371,116 units. In the past four years that figure had risen to 3.37 million on 200.

Meanwhile, in the first quarter of this year, for the first time, automatic scooter market share can shift the duck. In the period from January to March, the contribution of automatic scooter achieve  49.75 percent of total motorcycle sales nationally.

For this reason, Honda continues to add lines in the automatic scooter segment. “The launch of spacy complete one segment of Honda’s range of automatic scooter,” said Yusuke.

He said, at a premium automatic scooter segment currently has a Honda PCX, while the upper segment has a Techno CBS Vario, Vario Techno, Vario. In the middle segment is Scoopy. While in the lower segment occupied BEAT and spacy. The Latest from the Honda scooter Matic

Actually from the side of the machine there was no difference between spacy with BEAT. The engine is still the same, 110 cc, 4 stroke, OHC 8.54 a powerful PS at 8000 rpm and torque of 8.03 Nm at 6,000 rpm. Honda claims, the consumption of this machine is 1 liter per 41 kilometers.


The Latest from the Honda scooter Matic

The difference, spacy targeting new households or shellac, men and women today, great shape. Unlike BEAT targeting young people.

Spacy provide baggage up to 18 liters, which can contain a full face helmet. Not only that, spacy also provides the fuel tank up to five liters. “Once this fuel, spacy able to roam 205 miles.”

Indeed, Honda made several changes to get that luggage space. Honda changed the battery and filters to the front, so there is plenty of room remaining under the seat.

Unfortunately, this great body actually makes acceleration less steady. When try, beginning the beat is heavier than the BEAT. No wonder that within a distance of 200 meters, spacy take 13.5 seconds, while only 12.5 seconds BEAT.

Other features offered are similar to previous models, such as lever lock brakes, side standard automatic, and automatic safety magnetic key. Another new feature in the spacy is auto headlight on that can be lit when the engine life. The Latest from the Honda scooter Matic

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