The Latest Design Motorola Smartphone Fire XT

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The Latest Design Motorola Smartphone Fire XTThe Latest Design Motorola Smartphone Fire XT

Get a slick design and functionality of a smart phone with affordable price to the gadget lover’s dream. Well, Motorola has launched Motorola’s Mobility FIRE XT, the new Android ™ smartphone that has a stylish and sleek. The Latest Design Motorola Smartphone Fire XT

Not only that, this product has also claimed best-in-class battery life, allowing users to talk up to eight hours or can be up to 28 days standby on 3G mode 1.

Motorola FIRE XT is the perfect combination of features and modern design with all the social networking application that you want.

Smartphone handset comes with touch screen display is very clear 3.5-inch size and a dual camera with video recording is clear.

Motorola FIRE XT is coated with a dark titanium in Jakarta and will be available starting April 3 in stores Erafone, TokoPDA, Carrefour, Lotte Mart, Best Denki and Electronic City at a price of USD 1.399 million, -.

Using Android 2.3 version Gingerbread, Motorola FIRE XT is the perfect balance between design, affordable pricing, and intuitive functionality. You can capture at a time to share your special moments with crystal clear clarity auto focus camera 5-megapixel camera equipped with flash.

With Qik Video Connect feature, you can easily create video and share with your friends at the same time. You can also use the Qik app with a forward-facing camera for video chatting.


Typing text messages and electronic mail faster and easier with a touch screen keyboard. In addition, users can keep in touch with friends and family thanks to the availability of access to multiple social media applications. The Latest Design Motorola Smartphone Fire XT

Motorola FIRE XT also offers a unique personalization option through the user interface that makes the Moto Switch mode the user can switch between my friends and work-centric mode depending on what they’re doing.

The Latest Design Motorola Smartphone Fire XT

“Smartphones have become an important part in the private lives of users – that’s essentially the way the smartphone offers access to the world of entertainment and practical features,” said Robert van Tilburg, senior regional sales director, South Asia, the Motorola Mobility in a statement to Tribunnews, Saturday (31 / 3/2012).

He said that Motorola FIRE XT is an affordable handset that gives users everything they want from a high quality smartphone.

You can work, play, surf the internet site and send as many messages as you want. The battery can handle many routine tasks. What’s more, users can have access to more than 450,000 applications from Google Play ™.

Well, as part of the launch and promotion program for the market in Indonesia, the media and the public are welcome to visit the Motorola booth in the exhibition Gadgetronic 2012 in Central Park, West Jakarta on 18 to 22 April 2012. The Latest Design Motorola Smartphone Fire XT


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