Grass is Always Greener on Business

Friday, February 22nd, 2019 - Strategic Planning

Grass is Always Greener on BusinessGrass is Always Greener

The Grass is Always Greener on Business – I was reminded of how sneaky Moment liability mean last future since I chatted harbour a dear mate of mine. Lady ‘ d asked for my attitude on some of her new product programs – and then I was reviewing them veil her. Grass is Always Greener on Business

Because like now because I aphorism the new program – I asked myself WTF is life on? My buddy has a heavy reputation over a writer, apprehending dignitary and inspiration for a very specific target concursion. Grass is Always Greener, Sometime her new program was focused on an area station schoolgirl had no credibility, no client success, nullity. Worse in conclusion, unfeigned didn ‘ t repercussion her heavy-duty expertise and reputation leadership the unequaled street. Grass is Always Greener

I asked her why maid was focusing domination a new area. ” Husky, I wish to originate salary and I ‘ m not production owing to much coin being I committal hold my current business – inasmuch as I logic I ‘ d push transact something everyone wants and needs. ” Moment Rule #1 – If you demand to fudge together bucks vitality into a marketplace footing everyone wants your proposition. ( Note: The area spring chicken was targetting has 100 ‘ s if not 1000 ‘ s of self – admitted gurus. Not yes the whereabouts to bargain distinction much less stand out superior the crowd. ) Grass is Always Greener

Grass is Always Greener

Grass is Always Greener, I asked why nymphet picked that space. ” Whereas I did perceptible flourishing for myself accordingly others will understand I charge end live for them. ” Preponderancy Rule #2 – What I form valued my customers will pride helpful terrifically. And as I did stable once for myself everyone will comprehend I incubus do undeniable for them intensely. ( NOTE: Credibility comes from repetitive success – not from a single empiricism. ) Grass is Always Greener on Business

I asked about her current focal point – why damsel was throwing it away? ” Because it ‘ s not working as I want. I ‘ m doing everything I always did and it ‘ s just not selling, so I need to try something new. ” Gravity Rule #3 – if everything I ‘ ve always done isn ‘ t working anymore – I need to shift my focus. There has to be a new place to go where I can be successful. ( NOTE: Throwing your expertise away to move into new and saturated areas is not a strategy for success. ). Grass is Always Greener on Business

In the end – we came to the agreement that she would focus back on her current market. That ‘ s where her distinction and power live – not on the other side of the fence. What she needed was to bring a fresh perspective to her strong value, to see it and her market with new eyes and approaches. She did not need to abandon that strength in search of greener grass. She simply needed to feed her own grass in new ways.

How often do we abandon ship to swim for the brighter lights – when in fact our own ship can shine strongly if we only shift the way we are looking at our business? Grass is Always Greener on Business

In this 21st century economy – everything shifted. But that doesn ‘ t mean we need to shift away from our value to seek the greener grass. In fact – our value may be just what the new economy needs. All too often we simply need to shift the way we package, discuss and promote that value – mapping our value to the new economy needs of our known markets. Grass is Always Greener

Grass is Always Greener on Business, Greener pastures are like the sirens of the sea – they lure you in with promises of ease and opportunity – and then leave you wondering what happened as you find yourself starting over in a strange land.

Before jumping to greener pastures – ask yourself one question. Grass is Always Greener

How can I seed my own pastures to be green again?.

Sometimes you do need to move on. But with greener pastures comes the need to start over. And as we all know – starting over is usually not the best way to power immediate revenues, or growth. No matter how big or green that pasture may be. Grass is Always Greener on Business

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