The Good Maintain of Laptop

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The Good Maintain of LaptopThe Good Maintain of Laptop

Knowingly or not, most of us have bad behavior in terms of material possessions or goods. What is it? Negligent in terms of treatment. Often we only use the goods, but lazy to track how the item should be treated or maintained. Reason for this variety, ranging from the feeling did not have time, inherently lazy, or because of a lack of complete knowledge about the need maintain add Fig. No exception to the laptop. The Good Maintain of Laptop

If so, what and how we should treat the laptop to always remain in top condition? Here are some tips, which should and should not be done or at least avoided the laptop users to remain perfect laptop performance even after long use.

Note the temperature conditions

Laptop or notebook made up of various electronic components whose performance is affected by temperature. Among them, the temperature is too extreme, such as too hot or too cold, can disturb the performance or even damage the laptop. Therefore, avoid the habit of leaving the laptop in a car parked under the hot sun. Also avoid laptop under direct sunlight spotlights. Generally, the manufacturers recommend a temperature between 5-35 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile, the recommended laptop for work at heights below the altitude of 2,500 meters above sea level.

Save a laptop

If you will keep the laptop in a long time (one more week), you should remove the battery and store in a cool, dry, and fairly good air circulation. Place the silicone gel to prevent mildew. So want to use it again, stun or charge the battery by filling and emptying as many as three times in a row.

Avoid magnetic fields

To protect data on the hard drive, do not place devices that contain magnetic fields / strong electromagnets around a laptop. Of devices producing magnetic fields, such as speakers are not shielded (unshielded speaker system) or a cellular telephone. If you want to access the internet using the facility infrared on the phone, place the phone within a distance of about 15 cm from the laptop.

Turn off properly

Never turn off the laptop when the hard drive light is still blinking. This condition indicates the hard disk is still active. The loss of power suddenly (eg when the laptop is turned off) can cause data loss or interruption of performance on the hard disk. Make sure the hard drive light is dead before you shutdown the laptop.

Plug the power stabilizer

If you’re working on a laptop using the power (without batteries), then you should use a stabilizer that can prevent unstable voltage to your laptop. The Good Maintain of Laptop

The Good Maintain of Laptop

Avoid surface is too soft


Do not place the laptop when it starts in a place with a very soft surface like a couch or mattress, so the laptop to look a bit lost. This is very dangerous, because it can inhibit the release of heat from the laptop and make the laptop overheats.

Hinge LCD monitor

If you look carefully, in the crease between the CPU and LCD monitor there is a hinge that allows the two components were clenched each other. Be aware that the heaviest burden in a laptop is on the hinges. Therefore, do not give a snap when opening the monitor will turn on when the laptop. Vice versa, do not be too hard to close the monitor when it is completed using the laptops.

Do not disassemble the laptop.

Dismantle their own laptop or not by experts, is a very unwise action. Laptop not like radio or tape recorder. Many parts are so small that the manufacturer have been assembled by using a precision robot. If you are careless, then your laptop could be damaged severely. Always carry a broken laptop to IT or the service center of your laptop.

Care program

Kind of application software maintenance program, it is equally important and should be done a week or once a month. The goal is that the data is not corrupted or missing. In addition, in order not to deal with the problem of the program when we are on the road. Treatment programs include hard drive, install antivirus, and hard drive.

When running a program that leaves temporary files, hard drive must receive a file that is not required. To that end, clean the hard drive of the files at least once a month so that the laptop could work better. It is recommended to use the programs clean up the disc has been available in the operating system like Windows.

Hp Laptop Maintenance

For the installation of antivirus treatment, can be done by installing antivirus software on the laptop. Always update your virus definition data to anticipate the new virus. Nearly 90 percent of the paralysis of most software applications and data corruption due to viruses. With their installed antivirus, then the data in the laptop will be safe.

For the treatment of the hard drive, do defrag once a month to drive. The goal is to rearrange the position of the files that are scattered so as to accelerate the search for the file system. Then use ScanDisk to correct errors found in the directory and File Allocation Table.

Also try to make more than one hard disk partition, for example two or three partitions. This is useful if a time, the operating system that we use in error (damaged) are usually accommodated in the partition C, it can easily live to reformat the operating system, without disturbing the existence of various kinds of data are typically stored on another partition, for example, the partition D or partition E. The Good Maintain of Laptop


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