The Gadget Make You Easy to Read News

Friday, May 15th, 2020 - Business Gallery

The Gadget Make You Easy to Read NewsThe Gadget Make You Easy to Read News

A survey revealed that those using the gadgets such as smartphones, tablet or e-reader will be more like to follow and read the news. The Gadget Make You Easy to Read News

It is an annual survey released by the Pew Research Center. This survey showed that mobile users tend to gobble up the news more often than internet users in the PC.

Interestingly, users of mobile devices in the U.S. do not use social media as a reference source of news. Only 9 percent of respondents who claim to follow the recommendations of the news from Facebook or Twitter.

More than 33 percent of respondents prefer to go directly to news websites. As many as 32 ​​percent look for news on the search engines with specific keywords.

Nearly 30 percent of the remainder, using the application or site news organizer. Maybe some kind of Google Reader, or the like.


Bad news for those who still rely on paper-based media. Newspaper readers are called down 4 percent in 2011, while magazines tend to stagnate.

In terms of revenue, online advertising revenue rose 23 percent, while magazines and newspapers has decreased, respectively 6 percent and 7 percent.

Based on that data, the Pew Research Center predicts will be a lot of print media directs its readers to buy digital versions of their publications.

“Many newspaper companies have lost a large amount of their advertising revenue. Some may not survive if not injected with digital revenue,” said Pew Research investigators in their written report.

This survey is an annual survey that was held in the U.S. under the title State of the News Media. Although only examined the respondents in the U.S., the results of this survey should be a reference anywhere. The Gadget Make You Easy to Read News


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