The Electric cars made in Indonesia

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The Electric cars made in IndonesiaThe Electric cars made in Indonesia

As if not to be outdone by the students of vocational high school (SMK), students at the University of March (UNS) to develop electric-powered cars. The Electric cars made in Indonesia

This car has been in development since last year. The car is claimed to be environmentally friendly, can be used for four hours solid, with a maximum speed of 60 kilometers per hour.

According to the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, UNS Solo Kuncoro Diharjo, forerunner of the electric car that starts from the manufacture of bioethanol-fueled car, in cooperation with PT Railway Industry (Inka) Madison.

“After the manufacture of bioethanol-fueled car is successful, we then developed to make your own electric car,” he said on Sunday (3/11/2012), on the sidelines of the exhibition of creative industries in the Campus UNS.

Electric cars are small and a capacity of about four people, because it is a city car. The car body using composite materials that are lighter, environmentally friendly and more powerful.

The body itself is made in the laboratory of Faculty of Engineering UNS. However, now on display yesterday, the car is not yet completed the process. Rear passenger seat is not installed. Even so, many visitors are attracted to just look. The Electric cars made in Indonesia

The Electric cars made in Indonesia

Muhammad Himyadi, the team added an electric car maker, the car is not 100 percent completed.

“The rear seats have not been there. There are still some improvements. The computerized system also has not been tested, “he explained.

Electric car named T Semar alias of March based Electrical Technology, has been using a manual system for power regulation.

“But already we install a computerized system to manage energy use,” said Mechanical Engineering graduate student last semester.

The computerized system function as ECUs (electronic control unit) in a car. Cars that briefly looked like Suzuki Karimun able to walk 3-4 hours when fully electric energy. The maximum speed is 60 kilometers per hour. Electrical charging can be done anywhere.

Rector UNS Solo Ravik Karsidi said, the college has an obligation to perform a variety of innovation as a form of community service.

One of them is an electric car Semar T, which promote environmentally friendly technologies.

“So, do not be confused if fuel prices go up. What we are doing this only to the extent of innovation, not to get into the industry, “he said at the exhibition site. The Electric cars made in Indonesia

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