The 8 Most Expensive Food

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The 8 Most Expensive Food


World’s Most Expensive Fruit: Yubari Melon King

Just like Kobe beef produced only in the city of Kobe, Japan, Yubari melon King also only made by farmers in Yubari, Japan. It is the fruit of a hybrid of two types of melon, yellow melon produces sweet, large, and the shape proportionally. Yubari Melon King usually sold a pair, at a price of Rp 450 thousand to nearly $ 1 million. The 8 Most Expensive Food

World’s Most Expensive Mushrooms: Mushroom White Truffle

Until now no one had managed to plant or cultivate mushrooms and white truffle. This fungus can only be found in the woods in Northern Italy in September and December. Half a kilogram of this type of fungus cheapest priced Rp 27.5 million.

World’s Most Expensive Poultry Products: swallow’s nests

Nests are made from the saliva of swiftlets will usually melt in the chowder are not only delicious but also high in nutrients. This food is expensive because it takes time swallows two months to make, and each bird only make a 2-3 nests each year. To get the process was not easy because the farmers have to take it from the groove and the halls of the cave is difficult to achieve. Bird’s nest can only be found in countries in Southeast Asia including Indonesia, and China is purposely built to maintain a giant bird house bird nest. In the international market, the price is Rp 183 thousand for mencapa single nest.

World’s Most Expensive flavoring cuisine: Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale

Balsamic vinegar is an important cooking ingredient used by many chefs. But the traditional balsam vinegar made in Modena only atu Reggio, Italy, is only used the top chefs in the world because the price is very expensive. Trebbiano grapes are needed in abundance to be processed and fermented for 12-25 years before finally producing a small bottle of traditional balsamic vinegar is. The price? USD 1.8 million for 100 ml bottles. The 8 Most Expensive Food

World’s Most Expensive Coffee: Luwak Coffee

Coffee beans are found in Indonesia that produces coffee with a more subtle flavor and not too bitter. This is because the coffee beans are fermented in the stomach prior to release with mongoose feces. Luwak coffee prices in international markets reached USD 4.5 million dollars for 0.5 pounds.

World’s Most Expensive Meat: Jamón Iberico de Bellota

Do not be surprised if his name such as Spanish, because the meat can only be obtained in Spain. Jamón Iberico de Bellota is cured pork leg meat. Not just any pigs, but pigs are allowed to live freely in the forests in the western part of Spain which is rich in acorns, so that the pigs eat only acorns, wild mushrooms, and grasses. Free from fat. Once captured, the pork is preserved for 2 years before being sold into the market at a price of nearly USD 800 thousand to 0.5 kilograms.

World’s most expensive spice: Saffron

Saffron is a spice that the price is expensive, but the saffron type “Coupe” is the most expensive. Saffron types are sold at the cheapest price of Rp 90 thousand per gram, and could reach Rp 275 thousand for the best quality.

World’s Most Expensive Seafood: Caviar Fish Terubuk

Aka caviar is salted fish eggs is known as the food is expensive. But caviar taken from terubuk fish (sturgeon fish) is the most expensive with prices of more than Rp 4.5 million for one serving. Caviar is expensive because of osetra Surgeon fish species takes 10 years to produce eggs. This fish is also rare and include species that are protected, so that the fishermen must be careful when caught him and took the eggs. The 8 Most Expensive Food


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