Ten Stunning E-Commerce Website Designs: The Minimalists Have It

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012 - Advertising, Online Business

Ten Stunning E-Commerce Website Designs: The Minimalists Have It

Here are ten of some of the most designerly e-commerce websites on the Internet brought to you by the guys at www.rapidparcel.com. There are some great websites out there that are using the new minimalist design criteria. Chris Spooner, a talented young designer at www.Line5.com kindly introduced some of these websites on his weekly “best of” list.

As you view these websites, you can see how website design has evolved over the years from magazine-type layout to take true advantage of the web’s clean, backlit zone. Notice the use of white space and negative space for a serene, uncluttered appeal for today’s information over-loaded audience. Contrast is used for drama in a few of the selections.


This design offers easy-to-read real-time data for your e-commerce website to help keep you at the top of the search engine ratings. Gives complete real-time readings on individual site users, such as how long they’ve been actively engaged, if they’re currently reading or idle, how far readers have scrolled down the website page, plus whether readers are on desktop or mobile devices, number of Tweets, mentions and Facebook shares, how many direct links have been made and exactly what items are selling and when. All this is presented in easy on the eyes watercolor pastels with large fonts. It is a joy to use.

Ten Stunning E-Commerce Website Designs: The Minimalists Have It


Mangrove is a web, mobile app and online campaign designer based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Their website utilizes plenty of white space, friendly rounded fonts, and lots of examples of their playful, yet masterful website and mobile app designs. Check out their non-threatening presentation of the Dutch Labor Party and Ministry of Defense. The sense of spaciousness and use of negative space on their websites is very inviting. Notice especially their use of color.


This landing page company really shows off their stuff on their own landing page. They own it. They take the metaphor of their name (ice), and produce an engaging iceberg graphic that showcases one of their leading clients. Furthering the metaphor, at the tip of the iceberg, they list their rates in ghosted graphics as if they are underneath the water. Again, really splendid use of white space showing how design has evolved from the square, chunky designs of the past to using the computer screen more as a canvas.



This is a superb example of the minimalist trend in today’s leading websites. This webpage sells an e-mail “newsletter” service for people who want to send elegant e-mails that will get noticed. The landing page is almost astonishing in its simplicity. It achieves it look through an amazing use of negative space. The neutral greys and whites immediately draw your eye to the red signup button and continue button. The idea of simplicity and elegance that they wish to convey about the e-mail service is clearly portrayed in the design elements.


This American designer of interactive websites located in Portland, Oregon, grabs your attention with an abundance of white space and a unique, large skinny font that shouts simplicity. The designerly use of black and white photographs with red highlights works exceptionally well. The red space at the bottom of the site is a bold move that looks very contemporary and offsets the starkness of the black and white photos perfectly.


This web hosting and web creation site uses negative space to its advantage for one of the best web hosting landing pages. It’s offering of design templates far outranks most run of the mill web hosting services.


This iPhone app game website features excellent use of color, negative space and light and dark elements to balance the layout. The great fun loving graphics are bound to make you smile.


This website for promoting referrals through e-mail, departs from the design strategy of the others. It places a dramatic black and charcoal grey bar at the top of the site, followed by white space at the middle of the page. The page finishes off with an effective teal and grey motif.


This design studio website features a faux homemade paper background with plenty of white space to dramatize the use of a bold black font. The grey, black and white palette displays their design work quite well. Excellent use of classic graphic design elements with a contemporary feel make this website a winner.


This design studio for web, mobile apps and print departed from all the others on the list by placing their landing page on an all-black background. The site remains minimalist by using lots of negative space and drawing attention to its logo and message which pop out from the background in contrasting white and shades of grey. This is definitely a dramatic website layout not for the timid.


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