Teach Saving Habits in Children

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Teach Saving Habits in ChildrenTeach Saving Habits in Children

PATTERN life saver should start early. Teach children to save can make it grow as a person who is full of planning, including in financial matters. Teach Saving Habits in Children

With considerable savings, what is wanted will be easily obtainable. Saving the base of the rich is not just a saying, but become the foundation for the child in managing finances.

How do I introduce the habit of saving the child?

1. Explain benefits before apply the habit of saving, first explain what kind of saving it and what benefit. Give examples of your experience while saving for your child to understand the concrete evidence of the benefits of saving. Also explain the differences in needs and desires for your child to not get caught up wasteful habits.


2. Make a list of “tariff” Giving rewards every time your child doing homework or help you do household chores, may be a good way to teach children to save. Make a list of rewards that your child will be accepted if it does its work, including minor tasks such as making the bed or massaging the back of his father after work. Teach Saving Habits in Children

3. Open Bank account if child begins to have an income from doing chores, provide a piggy bank that can hold his savings. If the child is old enough, you can open a bank account and teach your child to check the balance on a regular basis.

4. Have your child create a target to select a target to be met by savings. On vacation or buy a toy that had long coveted, for example. Teach your child to set aside 20-30 percent of their savings to meet the desires and the rest is stored as a backup.

5. Give small example habit of saving will not apply if he often saw her parents squander the money. Give an example and show the baby what good savings habits. Teach Saving Habits in Children


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