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TDK CLEF-BA700, In-Ear Premium Headphone for Audiophile Music Lovers

The small size of the driver and accurate sound production quality are the hallmarks of Balanced Armature drivers. That’s why many musicians and professional sound engineer to use in-ear headphones this type in the work. Because of the sophistication TDK released an in-ear headphones new Balanced Armature, TDK-BA700 clef. TDK CLEF-BA700
Behind the aluminum packaging and unique shapes that its Balanced Armature drivers, there is a size 6.4 mm, which can produce the best sound output with a frequency response range 15-22.000Hz. Voice performance is also supported by the construction clad in aluminum braided cable. The cables are proven better at minimizing sound distortion than regular cable.

To be more perfect in the ears attached, TDK complete with ear-bumper mechanisms. Ear-bumper can adjust the shape of the ear and can be rotated 30 degrees. This is where the advantages of TDK clef BA700. Although you move around while listening to music, in-ear headphones will remain apart from your ear. TDK CLEF-BA700

TDK Clef BA700 will be available in the near future in the Indonesian market. While there has been no official word what the price tag of in-ear headphones are intended for professional musicians and fans of this audiophile.

Specifications BA700 TDK clef:
– Type: Balanced Armature
– Connector: 3.5 mm stereo mini plug
– Drivers: Balanced Armature Driver single
– Frequency response: 15-22.000Hz
– Sensitivity: 109dB/mW
– Input impedance: 55 ohms
– Cable length: 1.1 m
– Weight: 6 grams


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