Taare Zameen Par Movie Review

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Taare Zameen Par Movie ReviewTaare Zameen Par Movie Review

This film tells about a boy named Ishaan Awasthi Nandkishore. Ishaan is an eight-year-old boy who was sitting dibangku elementary school, but Ishaan did not like school. He felt much difficulty with a variety of subjects, and he often experienced failure in school examinations. With all the weaknesses that exist in Ishaan’s he became the victim of bullying by his peers, there was even a teacher who insulted him. Taare Zameen Par Movie Review
Ishaan’s father, Nandikshore Awasthi, is a busy and successful executive. His father always expect the best Ishaan can do like his brother. While his mother, Maya Awasthi, is an ordinary housewife who ends up feeling sad and confused because it was failing to educate and help Ishaan to face the problem (dyslexia). Ishaan has an older sister, Yohaan, who was a successful student. Ishaan’s parents knew something was wrong with Ishaan so they decided to send Ishaan to a boarding school.
Taught at the school dorm Ishaan by Ram Shankar Nikumbh. He was a temporary art teacher at the school. Ram has a way of thinking and teaching that is different from other teachers at the school. Ram makes his students to think out of the textbooks. Most children in the class responded positively to what Ram did, but not with Ishaan. From there, the Ram is trying to better understand Ishaan and his problems. Ram trying to sensitize parents and teachers Ishan others that Ishaan is not an abnormal child, but he was a special child and have their own talents. Ram was finally able to push the self-confidence Ishaan. He helps Ishaan overcome the problems in learning and re-discover the lost confidence. Taare Zameen Par Movie Review
Messages contained in this film that is every child is a hero. No one is perfect, no matter what our position in society. Every child has talents and abilities in their own way. This film not only tells the fate of a child with dyslexia, but also about how the attitudes of parents in educating children at an increasingly advanced age and the parents who fail to understand the dreams of children and develop natural talent (innate) them.


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Taare Zameen Par Movie Review


Positive impression of this film is captured film is able to tell the twists and turns the life of a dyslexic child with all sorts of other problems. Moreover, in this film we were shown how a teacher who seeks to recognize students who have difficulty in learning more. Ram has done a variety of ways to make other people around Ishaan understand the strengths and weaknesses that exist in Ishaan, especially to Ishaan family (parents and sister). Ram also perform a variety of creative ways when he was teaching in the classroom. Make the audience was moved and carried away his emotions during this movie. In addition, from this film is known that the fundamental thing that must be done by those closest to children who have dyslexia is to approach them, embrace them, so they still feel loved and do not lose their confidence.
While the negative impression that there is in some scenes seemed too long and wordy, so a bit of saturation, like the scene where Ishaan drawing together with all the students at his school. In part it was a long time. Also in this film families and teachers provide labeling which I think is highly inappropriate and family spoken by a teacher, even this is directly in front of Ishaan said, like his father and brother Ishaan who often called himself an idiot, while the teacher gives the label an idiot (stupid) , lazy, crazy even. Taare Zameen Par Movie Review


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