Surabaya Art Market 2012 [Pasar Seni Surabaya 2012]

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012 - Business Gallery

Art Market Surabaya 2012 pasar seniSurabaya Art Market 2012 [Pasar Seni Surabaya 2012]

Painting is the art of making do with a daub the various colors, with color depth “pigment” in the solvent (or medium) and gene binder (glue) to the diluent water, the oil in the form of the gene fastener linen for oil paint with thinners penthin, on the surface (buffer) such as paper, canvas, or a wall. This is done by a painter, with a depth of color and flavor of the painter, this definition is used, especially if he is the creator of a masterpiece painting. Surabaya Art Market 2012

Humans have been painting for 6 times longer compared to the use of writing. As an example of the paintings in the caves of prehistoric human habitation. (wikipedia)


on this occasion I will share about the painting that is being held in “Surabaya youth center” under the theme “surabaya art market 2012”. Surabaya Art Market 2012

is some collection of photographs that I took on this occasion:

Surabaya Art Market 2012

Just information for those of you who want to visit this exhibition, the exhibition is held every day, beginning on 4-14 May 2012. Located in”Balai Pemuda Surabaya”. followed by dozens of artists from all over Indonesia, and provided hundreds of paintings that you can enjoy there. and if you are interested, you can directly buy it. the price offered is so cheap with excellent quality and outstanding. Surabaya Art Market 2012

so many of my information, may be useful for you art lovers Indonesia and around the world.



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