Superwind is Cause of Death Star ?

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Superwind is Cause of Death Star ?Superwind is Cause of Death Star ?

A number of astronomers from Australia and Europe claim to have found the answer to the mystery of “superwind” as the cause of death of stars. Superwind is Cause of Death Star

According to one encyclopedia, “Superwind” is an energetic flow of hot material along the minor axis of the star that exploded in a galaxy, was detected with x-rays and emission lines of hydrogen.

In a report written in the journal Nature, astronomers found that grains of dust from a dying star much larger than assumed.

The team led by Barnaby Norris of the University of Sydney found that dust grains of micrometer size – as small as dust, but large for a stellar wind by using a large telescope in Chile operated by European Southern Observatory.

Sized dust grains that resemble a mirror that can reflect light rather than absorb it. Ability that causes the dust grains remain cool and light without destroying the star can be swept. Superwind is Cause of Death Star


The findings of the astronomers do astronomy from the University of Manchester, Paris-Diderot University, Oxford University, and Macquarie University is a solution to the mystery of ‘superwind’.

“The dust and sand in the ‘superwind’ will retain the stars and then become part of the cloud in outer space where new stars are formed,” said astronomer The University of Manchester, Albert Zijlstra.

Zijlstra said the grains of sand then become the building blocks of planets like Earth.

Previous assumptions that developed among astronomers is that the ‘superwind’ consists of small dust grains formed in the atmospheres of stars and absorbing cahanyanya. Starlight sweep the dust grains from the star.

Assumptions are not valid because the grains into heat and evaporate before sweeping. Superwind is Cause of Death Star

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