Success in Business with Effective Relationships

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013 - Networking

 Success in Business  with Effective Relationships

twinqu | Every successful business activity is a product of favorable relationships. Sustainable business success then comes from the skill to dig, grow and direct the various business relationships effectively. Success in Business  with Effective Relationships

In helping teeming client organizations turnaround their business operations, I have institute the following explanation philosophy to mean genuine effective.

Success in Business  with Effective Relationships
 Save Your Word

If you have a crew of mortals that you slogging with, the quickest way to avoid credibility is to build promises that you don ‘ t season. The twin applies to making promises to clients that you knew from the outset that it was impossible to keep. For symbol, a shack – builder states that it would returns two weeks to all a down home refurbishment, sage that it did not have the amount of staff or resources required to fulfil this promise.

Or if you are a speaker at an triumph, you promise individuals that they would get a unrecompensed product or service but when they contact you after the experience, you accordingly whack to cause them stipend for the product. You can guarantee that the conversation will spread about your dearth of honesty and this will change your business adversely.

Both small and vast business owners have to ensure that they keep high candor in all aspects of their business relationships if they take to mind long success… candor does increase your profits.

 Courtesy, Dignity, Courtesy

Have you remarkably stood at the payment facing of a shop, waiting to constitute payment for a purchase and set up that the service pathfinder felt he had more important things to do, like chat with their colleagues or spend time on the phone with their friends?

Sometime ago, when that happened to me, I quietly returned the item to the shelf and walked out of the shop and have never gone back to that shop for anything else. In about six months that I purchased that particular item, I spent the equivalent of six hundred dollars with other shops that I would have been glad to spend with that first shop if only they had treated me with some respect.


Is your business losing money simply because you are not treating potential customers with respect?

If you have staff members working for your business, are you treating them with respect? The way you treat your staff is the way they will treat your customers, so if you want to enhance your business success, it is imperative to treat your team with respect. This includes finding out what are their expectations, dreams and aspirations in working with you and taking the time and effort to solicit and listen to their suggestions for growing your business. You may be amazed at how many great ideas your team members have in their minds, waiting for you to discover.

 Think Win – Win during Difficult Times

Sometimes, difficulties arise in your business relationships because, as humans, we often have different perspectives on issues. At such times when we have differences of opinion, it is easy to focus only on what you want and ignore the perspectives of the other party. Successful business relationships however demand the ability to negotiate win – win outcomes that allow both parties to have a positive result.

For example, if a customer complains about your product or service, do you become defensive, unwilling to listen to them or honour your product / service guarantee? If so, you are neglecting one of the best feedback mechanisms for improving your business. In this type of situation, it is better to think win – win, seek to resolve the complaint amicably, raise the satisfaction level of the complaining customer and focus on using the complaint as a means of improving your relationship with them.

Time and again, these three guiding principles have proven to be powerful tools in strengthening business relationships and will support you in accelerating your business success.

Yemi Akinsiwaju is a Business Growth & Leadership Development Consultant helping major organisations in the U. K successfully improve their business results. Success in Business  with Effective Relationships


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