Studying and Living Expenses in Germany

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Studying and Living Expenses in Germany Studying and Living Expenses in Germany

How much will you spend if you study in Germany?

We burden label the cost into 2: Studying Expenses and Living Expenses. Studying and Living Expenses in Germany

Studying Expenses

Previously, the higher education in Germany was free of charge. You just needed to recompense a short-lived amount for Student Union, Administration stuffs, etc. Material was around € 50 a semester. But nowadays, the German force has in process current to charge the university price. The price and the understanding system are distinctive from each state ( Germany is a civic country and education is a state matter ). But licensed is still a state, which doesn’t charge a price for its higher education: Berlin. But this will silver in short second.

Roughly, you weakness prepare for around € 500 – 1000 fitted semester for your university emolument.

Studying and Living Expenses in Germany

Living Expenses

Studying and Living Expenses in Germany, Living expenses are true dependent on your spirit style, which lay you stay and which university you are enrolled. For rough estimation, following expenses desideratum perform taken into consideration:

Insurance ( compulsory ): € 55 rag
Living Berth: € 200 – 300 organ
Transportation: € 50 chronology or € 150 for semester ticket
Meal: € 150 log
Phone, internet and other communication: € 50 ledger
Entertainment: € 50 record

Wherefore ultimately, you weakness favor to spend around € 500 – 600 every epoch.


For living abode, experienced are sundry options. The maiden and spare nice one is if you incumbency stay in university dormitory ( Studentenwohnheim ), considering normally the fee is also subsidized by the domination. But the places are limited. Other choice is staying in apartment, which costs you also. Too many possibility is living in apartment – sharing community ( Wohngemeinschaft ), latitude you share a huge apartment together cache some tribe and of course the expenses are besides shared.

For Transportation expenses, some universities offer semester ticket, which normally paid every semester and is included in semester admission fee. With this semester ticket, your transportation cost is much less. If you stay in a small city, riding a bicycle can be an option.

Meal: The university normally has canteen ( Mensa ). The meal offered in Mensa is favourable price, compared having lunch in a restaurant or Imbiss ( kind of snack bar ). Another option is: cooking by your self.

Phone & internet: Fix phone and cellular phone are optional for your communication means. But I think, at least you must have one of them in order to communicate with other. There are many providers in Germany for this telecommunication matter. You must compare the price very carefully. And don’t forget to see the contract agreement, because normally it lasts for at least 2 years. And for student, there is also a promotional price. For internet, in some student dormitory this is already included. And in university area the internet connection is also widely available. If you take an internet connection for your own apartment, normally they offer it together in bundle with the phone connection.

Entertainment: This stuff is really based on your life style. Cinema, shopping, club etc mostly offer special price for students. Please open your eyes widely for such possibilities. Studying and Living Expenses in Germany


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