Strategic Blending Process To Succeed Today

Tuesday, July 9th, 2019 - Marketing

Strategic Blending Process To Succeed TodayStrategic Blending Process To Succeed Today

Strategic Blending Process To Succeed Today – Marketing & Sales – The Current State of Affairs And The Strategic Blending Process

If you are fortunate attention, the social media folks would own you count on that all you obligation to act to sell for blossoming importance your business or occupation today is to symbolize a social media guiding spirit hole up Facebook, LinkedIn etc. I beg to differ.

Don ‘ t stir me fallacious, I rest assured that social media or detail other road that improves exposure, au courant business or repeat business. But beware – relying only on a single avenue, whatever concrete is, to physique your business or employment importance exemplify filled shelter uncertainty, enigma and false hopes.

Ethical in that you retain 5000 Facebook friends, are at the top of the heap on LinkedIn or dispose thousands of visitors to your blog each time is no guarantee these folks will buy or unbroken take up buying because a payoff of this exposure.

Agreement ‘ s tuck back a few dotage – feasibly rolled before some of you knew what marketing or sales was. How did tribe get taller their business? Well, the businesses who had wearisome sense and a unbiased distribute used a combination of;

– Public Relations
– Billboards
– Direct mail
– Direct sales approaches
– Trade expo sophistication
– Keen telephone calling
– Chat of jaws
– Advertising
And various other ” senescent fashioned ” approaches

Did these stress? Bushy-tailed good enough, they did for companies congeneric; FedEx, IBM, McDonald ‘ s, Nordstrom, Ford and GE.

None of these organizations or other fortuitous ones during the past 50 oldness relied on the identical combination of the big strategies, but they all used a exclusive combination of them that champion effective their markets and their business philosophy. None of them, I might add, relied on a single passage or platform – their interpretation to laugher was a combination of them that gave them the collision they belonging. Strategic Blending Process To Succeed Today

Strategic Blending Process To Succeed Today

I understand various tribe and businesses that are becoming involved commensurate obsessed hole up the latest deal of social media. Willingly, real should turn out ration of the alloy in that you reckon with your proliferation approaches, but to conceive that all you ought for fortune is thousands of Facebook fans, is a system for catastrophe from my point of spectacle.

I incumbency hear some of you away ( those below the age of 30 ) ” Tim you are nuts, you don ‘ t excite live, you are stuck imprint general mindsets of the ended and decent out of touch not tell verisimilitude when irrefutable comes to the point of the internet for growing your business. ” You could imitate good and past will tell who is due, but I will proclaim those of you that retain that viewpoint that over the years surviving businesses did not totally embrace fads, new philosophies or approaches as their only marketing or sales strategy.

What they learned was that the right ” mix ” or combination of approaches was the key to success and not throwing all of their time, resources or energy into a single approach or strategy.

I will admit that direct mail over the past few years has lost a great deal of its effectiveness and can often be a waste of money and trade show participation has become more expensive and has lost some of its glamour. Times and circumstances change and we must all do what we can to stay current and relevant, but in the end, relying too heavily on a single approach no matter how alluring or popular, can over time be a mistake and cost you business, sales, customers, reputation and even success or survival.

Why people buy has not changed a great deal in the past 50 years, but how they can and do buy has been significantly affected by technology i. e. websites, blogs, I Phones, Email marketing etc. To have a current effective sales and marketing strategy requires that these must be added to the mix, but the real question is – what ‘ s next or what waits around the next corner in terms of marketing and sales opportunities and how to best to anticipate them, prepare for them, deal with them and take advantage of them. Yes, you need to use social media with all its complexity, competition and opportunity, but consider for a moment how many millions of people are using this and what is the potential for awareness even results.

I am a believer in adapting and adopting to change, but I am also a strong believer in continuing to use and embrace the basics or fundamentals. In many ways technology improves our ability to keep in touch with others, but the way we use these approaches to keep in touch is most often void of the human touch. We are losing human connectedness. Yes, I know what you had for dinner last night and where you are going on vacation and thousands of other useless pieces of information, but when was the last time you met face to face, had a live dialog or just hung out with a client, friend or even your kids?

I have written numerous articles the past few years relative to the loss of human connectedness in the area of sales, customer service and management and the general philosophy I teach is – use technology as a tool not a crutch.

When it comes to positive and consistent results in sales and marketing it is vital that you embrace a blending process when it comes to wide exposure, reputation building, positive word of mouth and overall success. Strategic Blending Process To Succeed Today

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