Steamed Tiramisu recipe

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Steamed Tiramisu recipeSteamed Tiramisu recipe

Make a current variation of many kinds. Which tadinay can also be steamed now baked. Issue no less delicious delicacy. Instead may be a favorite food. Steamed Tiramisu recipe

So also with Tiramisu, Italian desserts can also be steamed know. It was, of course no different from the oven because it stays soft texture.

Instead of wondering, let’s make Steamed Tiramisu at home. Here goes the recipe:

– 4 eggs
– 100 grams sugar
– 1 teaspoon emulsifier (a substance specifically to stabilize the cake ingredients)
– 100 gr flour
– 100 ml vegetable oil
– 1 tablespoon instant coffee + 5 tablespoons hot water
– 2 tbsp rhum (additional)
– Taste of chocolate granules, for sprinkling

How to make:
1. Heat the first steamer.
2. Grease a 22×22 cm baking pan with butter, Cover paper, spread with butter again.
3. Beat eggs, sugar and emulsifier until thick benar2. Then enter the rhum.
Masukkkan flour, stirring.
4. Pour the oil, stir again.
5. Divide the dough into 2 parts. One bag. white and one bag. Other coffee mixed with water.
6. Steamed white first section until completely cooked about 10 minutes.
Sprinkle with granulated chocolate, then pour the coffee mixture, steamed until cooked again.

Steamed Tiramisu recipe

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