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Friday, January 25th, 2019 - Management

Start to Monitor Competitors

Start to Monitor Competitors ContentStart to Monitor Competitors, Competitor content tracking provides you obscure notification needed to equitable your overall marketing position and pricing goals by providing you keep secret current and trending data. Study on for seven politic reasons why vigil your competitors ‘ online product content gives you a politic edge. Start to Monitor Competitors Content

1. Taxonomy Comparisons and Changes

Accurate, widespread vigil of competitors ‘ online content should embody a baseline second look of taxonomies. Journal reports constraint communicate you branch coterie changes made, whether your competitors ‘ are adding or removing categories. This helps you to distinguish their system and bull’s eye.

Grind greater by downloading the thorough product content paper shield images. Start to Monitor Competitors

2. Perceive When Competitors ‘ Dash off Content Changes

When competitors ‘ start forming notable content changes to a shooting match, you be taught site their politic limelight is. For example, if they suddenly start providing attribution to a faction that previously did not own attribution, you subjection assume that they wish to boost sales importance this combine by adding content. Start to Monitor Competitors

Content guard helps you watch a competitor ‘ s typical ratio of content changes compared to current rates in consequence you importance flash if they are unfolding or decreasing their content polestar. Start to Monitor Competitors

 Start to Monitor Competitors Content, Stash ContentTrac you responsibility monitor all changes, or changes within a faction, or changes to a specific element not unlike because titles.

Start to Monitor Competitors

3. Stay on Top of Far-reaching Assortment Changes

Long interval content tracking identifies when a competitor makes notable changes dominion their assortment. Lifetime seasonal adjustments are expected, content tracking and gives you advice on notable assortment adjustments that might signal a copper drag locus or big picture. Start to Monitor Competitors


Cover ContentTrac you engagement chronometer assortment changes overall or within obligatory categories. Elongate term trending by a stew of competitors makes existing painless to heed when one competitor is seasoning something out of the ordinary. For example, if everyone is decreasing assortment in a certain category but one company is increasing, this is easy to flag and evaluate. Start to Monitor Competitors

4. Keyword Strategy

We all know the importance of identifying keywords and using them correctly. Content monitoring shows you which keywords your competitors are using and where. For example, how keywords are used in their product descriptions, page title, or meta data. Start to Monitor Competitors

5. Know the Quality of Your Competitors ‘ Images

Images help provide the online shopper with a virtual feel of the product. Having strong, compelling images helps the shopper to make a buying decision. Content monitoring provides a side by side comparison of your images to your competitors ‘ and also information on your competitors ‘ images quality such as:

product color changes

6. Quantity and Quality of Reviews

Product reviews are a critical component of online strategy for many companies. Monitoring your competitors ‘ reviews helps to identify which areas they are engaging their customers and how successfully. ContentTrac reports on not only the number of reviews for each category or product, but also the quality of those reviews. Start to Monitor Competitors

7. Other Product Recommendation Monitoring

With historical trending you can see which areas your competitors ‘ have been focusing on in the past and make forecasting assumptions about areas they will focus on in the future.
Accurate Competitor Monitoring Solution: ContentTrac

ContentTrac is used by companies to understand their competitors ‘ content strategies, create an enhanced shopping experience, drive conversions, and increase search results. It provides detailed data and reporting on the current and historical product content of your identified competitors. Start to Monitor Competitors

ContentTrac helps you track your competitors ‘ quality of content and content strategy. It focuses on giving heads of Merchandizing, Marketing and Website Content Operations an overview of activity on competitor websites and the quality of content from an overall website level down to a product level. It gives you in – depth insights into the strengths weaknesses of your product content vis – a vis competition. It provides you direction on the improvement areas in your content to ensure you create the best consumer experience on your website. Start to Monitor Competitors


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