Sony VAIO Z-Series 2012, Small Notebook

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Sony VAIO Z-Series 2012, Small Notebook

Sony VAIO Z-Series 2012 – Slim Laptop and thin are often classified as Ultrabook directly. Sony VAIO Z-Series continued its tradition as one of the laptops with a unique concept (and quite rare). Although thin and slim, the VAIO Z-Series does not include family Ultrabook. Because the processor used is not the version of the Low-Voltage commonly found in Ultrabook, but the processor is in regular notebook. That way, the performance will be at the top of Ultrabook. In the market, so far there is only the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon uniqueness that accompany them. Sony VAIO Z-Series 2012
Sony VAIO Z-Series 2012, Small Notebook
There is one special thing that is found in the Sony VAIO Z is the latest. Sony VAIO Z13 is marketed in Indonesia is a collector’s edition of the original made in Japan. This is also confirmed in the graphic on the screen hinge. Sony VAIO Z-Series 2012

The greatness of Sony VAIO Z as the highest caste of Sony laptop not only on the exclusiveness alone. Performance remain to the fore. Laptop with 13.1-inch screen is reinforced Intel Core i7 quad-core third generation, 8GB DDR3 RAM and a 256GB SSD. This makes the third alloying element performance is not inferior to large-sized laptop. If you feel the performance of the graphics are lacking or need an optical drive, Sony has provided a solution. You can connect the VAIO Z Series to Power Media Dock that includes a Blu-ray drive, AMD Radeon HD 6650 GPU and an additional port for a more complete connectivity. Once connected, you will get an additional graphics performance is quite adequate for playing games or running 3D CAD applications. Fortunately, Power Media Dock is included in the sales package. For users of previous versions of VAIO Z, must have been familiar features of the VAIO Z is typical.

Like the previous generation, 13.1-inch screen has a free pantulnya Full-HD resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels. One more advantage that is rarely found in similar sized laptop screen. Another sophistication can be found on premium-quality carbon fiber material that adheres to hexa-shell design. This is the secret behind the appearance of Z-series has a lighter weight of 1.18 kg and 16.7 mm thickness. For the battery, Sony claims the VAIO Z series can withstand up to 5.5 hours sektiar.

For those of you who are tempted to take him to accompany their daily activities, the Sony VAIO Z has been marketed in Indonesia at a price of Rp. 27.539 million.

Specifications Sony VAIO Z:
Processor: Intel Core i7-3612QM 2.1 GHz
HDD: 256GB SSD (128 × 2 RAID0)
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000
Screen: TFT VAIO Premium Display with LED backlight 13.1-inch (Full HD 1920 × 1080 pixels with coverage reaching 96% Adobe RGB)
Size: 330 x 16.65 to 24.75 x 210mm
Weight 1.19 kg (including battery)
Dock Size: 16.65 x 148 x220mm
Dock Weight: 685 grams

Sony VAIO Z-Series 2012

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