Sony Cybershot HX20V Review

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Sony Cybershot HX20V Review

Sony Cybershot HX10V we’ve tested previously managed to impress us with the performance and photo quality on offer. And now we got a chance to test the next generation of superzoom compact cameras Sony, Sony Cybershot HX20V, which comes with a premium price tag enough among superzoom cameras from other manufacturers on the market today. Sony Cybershot HX20V Review

Concept and design
Sony-HX20V-1 - Sony Cybershot HX20V Review
To the outside, the Sony Cybershot HX20V still inherits its predecessor Sony Cybershot HX10V design with fixed maintain solid body, slim but just held hands. With a matte coating that is not slippery, HX20V be steady in the hand. Hand-grip texture also owned HX20V for comfort and better ergonomics when using it.
Sony Cybershot HX20V Review
Sony Cybershot HX20V comes with relying on the play button next to the 3.0-inch display for easy menu navigation hers. For the placement and size of buttons, quite good. We managed to operate a variety of menus quickly and without difficulty. For connectivity, the Sony Cybershot HX20V only equipped HDMI located on the right side.
Sony Cybershot HX20V Review

Sony Cybershot HX20V lens is equipped with 20x optical zoom. Although it is quite a distance, the zoom range can still be improved by 40x Clear Image Zoom technology. This technology is actually a more advanced digital zoom, while maintaining the quality of the photos. So a bit different from the usual digital zoom.

no zoom [note the red box]

Sony Cybershot HX20V Review
With maximum zoom, magnification of the subject that is in the red box in the picture.

Sony Cybershot HX20V Review

For help you take photos, this camera provides a series of modes that can be selected according to need. As such, Intelligent Auto, Superior Auto, Scene modes, panorama mode, Background defocus, 3D, and Movie Mode.
Sony Cybershot HX20V Review
Sony Cybershot HX20V also comes with a selection of creative modes that can be set up easily as on DSLT camera or Sony NEX-series. For example, Color mode which consists of a selection Black and white, sepia, vivid and real, adjust brightness or darkness light, and the choice of a number of effects filters that can be selected to create consisting of Black and White, Illustration, Painting, Partial, Pop, Soft High Key, Toy Camera and Watercolor. Sony Cybershot HX20V also been equipped with a GPS module that can serve to display the set information. This feature will certainly further optimize the camera HX20V loyal friend of your trip. Sony Cybershot HX20V Review


Sony Cybershot HX20V equipped with the Exmor R CMOS sensor resolution of 18.2 megapixels and a BIONZ processor to help it process the image. Collaboration both make this camera can produce high resolution photos and can record the video Full HD 1080p resolution. For ISO, you can set the ISO setting of ISO 100 to ISO 12800.

The images with high ISO of the Sony Cybershot HX20V turned out pretty good for a pocket camera. Until pasa ISO 6400, HX20V this can present a sharp picture quality with color accuracy awake. While the level of sharpness of images began to appear appear much noise is reduced by the use of ISO 12800.

The images at ISO 12800 (click photo to see the results of test ISO Sony Cybershot HX20V)

Sony Cybershot HX20V Review
Besides reliable in low light conditions, the Sony Cybershot HX20V also quite impressed me with the speed of autofocus. This camera can focus quickly in a state of default or the maximum zoom mode. The ability of the lens to produce sharp photos is also very good. You can produce images with the sharpness and colors are very good, above average pocket camera, with ease and without the need to do a lot of settings in many indoor or outdoor.
Sony Cybershot HX20V Review


Sony Cybershot HX20V Review
Sony Cybershot HX20V the images that can be viewed here.


Sony Cybershot HX20V born from the needs of consumers who want a lot of things in a relatively small-sized camera. Zoom long? There is. High resolution? There is. Video Full HD? There is. Branded lens? There is. And apparently Sony managed to concoct a set of advanced technologies into Cybershot HX20V. With a slim body packaging and ergonomics, as well as the ability of a very good picture, HX20V be able to meet almost all the needs of its users.

Although the price offered is quite relative premium of USD $549, Sony Cybershot HX20V remain viable an option for those who want to have a pocket superzoom cameras are reliable in almost all conditions.

Body + comfortable grip
+ Quality lenses
+ Good Photographs
+ Reliable in low light conditions

– Prices are relatively expensive
– Connectivity minimal. Sony Cybershot HX20V Review

Sony Cybershot HX20V Review

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