Sonos Sub: High-End Wireless Subwoofer Shaped Donuts

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Sonos Sub, High-End Wireless Subwoofer Shaped Donuts

What about high end audio company Sonos create top-class products? With great features and design of an unusual course. Yes, the latest wireless subwoofer of this they possess a unique design that has a great ability. Sonos Sub

Sub called Sonos, the wireless subwoofer will complement the existing family of Sonos before like Connect, Play 3 and Play 5. Not just a complete course, Sub can be connected to almost any Sonos product is thus improve the overall audio quality.

However, the main attraction is a donut-shaped design is very unique. Typically, the subwoofer has a box shape with a large resonance chamber to create a deep bass voice. But the Sonos does not want a product that mediocre, so they create new and innovative design subwoofer with a donut shape.

Why donuts? The reason is quite interesting. In a study by Sonos, many people who do not like their big subwoofer design and ugly. Thus this time they make something unexpected to return public attention. Sonos Sub


But make no mistake, Sonos is not designed it just for aesthetics only. Holes located in the center store two force-canceling featured speaker facing each other. Thus, the sub is capable of producing big bass sound and undisturbed condition of the room. So the user can freely put it anywhere in any position without fear. What is unique again, when a sound is barely vibrating subwoofer! To improve the quality of his voice, acoustic Sonos adds dual-port and two Class D digital amplifier.

Sub can be controlled wirelessly by a computer, smartphone or tablet via the free Sonos Controller app is already available for Android, iPad, iPhone Mac or PC. Quite a tap on this application and the Sonos sub ready to control.

If you already have a Sonos products that others, Sub will be a great complement – rather than buying a full set at U.S. $ 1300. For Sub with glossy black color, Sonos released in mid-June at a price of U.S. $ 699. While the model with black matte will be released in October for U.S. $ 599. Sonos Sub



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