Some important things are often forgotten in networking

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Some important things are often forgotten in networking

Arguably today, especially in big cities, almost every home / office / other building now has an Internet connection. When you have an internet connection, have also ascertained whether it’s ADSL Modem-Router, Wireless Router or Access Point. Some important things are often forgotten in networking

But there are some important things that is often overlooked or ignored:

1. Devices are allowed to default password

Org may be 8 out of 10 they will let that put perangkat2 password by default, with bermacam2 reasons. This is FATAL as if there are users who can log into the network, then he will easily access to the web configuration and do what he wants.
So, immediately check your device and change the password as hard and as long as possible (a combination of numbers and characters is recommended).

2. Still use the Wireless Network SSID / Wireless Network Name factory default

Many of us are allowed to use the default SSID factory, is also FATAL, why? Org are usually 90 percent allowed in the default SSID, wireless security is also allowed in the default alias no security. Also by allowing the SSID in its default state, enabling the “neighbors” who are curious and ignorant to find information about the security hole of the product in question and make your device as a training tool 🙂
So you change the default SSID to a name you like.

3. No Security in Wireless

It advanced from the second, many who use wireless devices, but still does not use security reasons if wear with security is complicated, difficult or reason was that other nonsense. If your network is not a public area, why would you leave your wireless without security?

4. Wireless Security? use dunk WEP

Come on, guys.. This year 2010, why do you still use the technology that already senile? Compatibility reasons? It makes no sense, all the devices now support WPA/WPA2 (if by chance you are not lucky, the wireless not support WPA/WPA2, you can dispose of the page and change the D-Link Wireless Product. Some important things are often forgotten in networking

5. Backup Config Files


Now all of a manageable network devices must have the feature to perform backup config file, so make sure you always backup your config file and save it in a safe place. If something happens to your device, you can restore it easily.

6. Check the firmware of your device vendor and upgraded regularly

There is no single vendor that guarantees a homemade bug-free firmware. Any software must be a bug, so always check whether you have the firmware upgrade or not. For D-Link users in Indonesia, can check in

7. Document Your Network

Many may think that the network documentation is only for big companies where large networks as well. This is wrong, no matter how small network at home even though, need documentation. What should be documented? Hal2 simple like: IP address of the device masing2 and username / password from masing2 device.

8. Check your security settings your device factory default

Once we observe many devices, especially ADSL modem / router, which has a default setting that is harmful access webui / telnet / ping from WAN side is open! In other words, open your router device to be accessed by anyone from the internet. But there are opinions that say, but the khan to be able to access my Public IP have to know first, so it is safe dunk? Safe? Wait a minute, if you are for fun, try to test some of the IP range that mirip2 with Public IP that you get, then you will find that TSB IP-IP can be accessed as the default security settings were wrong. So make sure you DISABLE access webui / telnet / ping from WAN and if you want to open for some reason, you have to change the listening port is (there are some brands that do not have to turn this feature).
If your users ADSL Modem / Router D-Link, you can breathe easier because by default the device we shut down all access from the WAN and allow us to change the listening port if needed to open access from the WAN.
If you find that there is the ADSL / Router D-Link is open by default, immediately report it to us, we will fix this problem as quickly as possible.

So now it’s just a check list for you, please check and make sure your devices comply with all of the above check list. Some important things are often forgotten in networking

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