Sleekbook from HP Ready to compete

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Sleekbook from HP Ready to compete

Sleekbook from HP Ready to compete

HP Envy Sleekbook, one of HP's flagship ultrabook against the tablet.

2011 years ago, the computer vendor Hewlett Packard (HP) had intended to sell the division of personal computer (PC) property. Sleekbook from HP Ready to compete

This sparked a desire for the division’s performance continues to decline eroded the tablet. However, HP eventually discouraged them.

Now, the division responsible for desktop and laptop products HP’s HP is actually a mainstay for the “fight” that was driven intension of iPad tablet device and the Galaxy Tab.

This was disclosed by Dion Weisler, Senior Vice President, Printing and Personal Systems Group, HP Asia-Pacific as break-out session shows “HP Global Influencers 2012” held in Shanghai, China, on Wednesday (05/09/2012).

Dion said, Ultrabook will be able to answer the needs of users who want a another product that is “as flexible as” tablet.

Ultrabook has almost everything that a tablet, which is thinner, lighter, and the battery can last a long time, and the main thing is to be turned on / used instantly. Sleekbook from HP Ready to compete


HP going all-out “spoiling” Ultrabook production to counter tablets that are loved worldwide users.

To flood the market with Ultrabook, after earlier this year released two Ultrabook products, HP today released four new models. They are the HP Envy SpectreXT, HP Envy Ultrabook, HP Envy Sleekbook, and HP EliteBook Folio 9470m.

When asked about Ultrabook prices are still quite expensive than tablets, Dion claimed the price is still a weakness of this type of product.

However, he believes the price will go down steadily. Before waiting for prices to fall, HP has a specific strategy for the release of the HP Envy itu. Is Sleekbook, Ultrabook similar but the price is quite cheap.

HP Envy Sleekbook with 15.6-inch screen size and use AMD processors priced at 600 U.S. dollars. Whereas, for the 14-inch Envy Sleekbook using the Intel price 700 U.S. dollars.

With a fairly cheap price, the HP believes Sleekbook may tempt users who plan to buy a tablet device.

Although currently at war with the tablet, HP will actually go into business, the tablet when Windows 8 is already available on the market. Sleekbook from HP Ready to compete



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