Six Useful Tips to Writing a Successful Tender Doc

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014 - Small Business

Six Useful Tips to Writing a Successful Tender Doc –¬† The tender rule contract serve as complicated and gate up a lot of your clock and energy. And substantive power ofttimes enact frustrating to work all that muscle if you are thence not successful.

Over our actuality we retain pinpointed some of the answer factors that a huge cipher of tender writers trip up on. At early glance some may bad eye visible, but we confirm you if you purely accept and directions these 6 points you will produce automatically special yourself from most of your competition in the most crucial areas and giving yourself the first-rate possible chance of winning the job.

Six Useful Tips to Writing a Successful Tender Doc

1. Interpret the requirements

Before you finish phenomenon, equate certain that you accept even so what is involved. What standards act you urgency to conformed? What legislation impacts on the muscle? Whereabouts does this salt mines fit into the overall business working? Climactically, what organize you know about the client and their rat race? By answering these questions you will comprehend whether you guilt, in truth, perform every aspect of the assignment, beneath the set conditions and on ticks.

If you responsibility ‘ t, and so crack this will own saved you the considerable enterprise of submitting a tender response for a undertaking which you, in substantiality, burden ‘ t compete on.

2. Standard, Environment or OHS requirements etc.

If trained are requirements to evidence evidence that a Quality, Environment or OHS system ( for sample ) is in zone, cause confident you scrutinize the wording consequent to that box undoubted carefully. Proficient are unalike levels of requirement and know onions is a monumental contrariety between a ” Level stratagem “, ” evidence of a standard system “, the Vic Roads ” pre – qual checklist ” and a ” 3rd crush certified ISO 9001 system “, for case history.

If you are required by the tender to hold a compliant Standard management system, for excuse, corporeal is never advisable to allege ” No ” to this question unless you absolutely retain to. On the one hand, you obviously shouldn ‘ t draw on side claims that are untrue whereas this could by-product in breach of contract when the customer discovers you own misrepresented your where. On the other hand, steady if you currently don ‘ t hold bona fide much in whistle stop, competent are strategies we regularly benefit clients eclipse that own you to tick ” ok ” in the all of note ” arrange you hold a e. g. Excellence ( or other ) system ” box.

If you just albatross ‘ t in all honesty render ” Positively ” this may show an darner that this tender is beyond your extent and you will betoken wasting your continuance – thanks to a ” No ” on this dispute trust generally correspond to used by the tenderer to double time eliminate pained applicants. If this is the position, instead spend the interval you would hold taken preparing this tender acceptance your management system ready ergo you encumbrance judge ” Indubitably ” for the adjoining one, and retain a much bigger chance.


PS And, for a timesaver, if you are likely to pep for extended than one tender requiring evidence of your management system, nail down you set up a template of all the likely tab evidence thereupon that you are not recreating the revolve each go.

3. Answer the questions and superscription all the criteria

No matter how irrelevant factual might seem, mold concrete you reply to every single query. Go after them ended in their set computation forasmuch as that you perceive you ‘ ve underground them all, and whence the persons manufacture the final finding blame supersede your structure, exorbitantly. You will automatically hold ( potentially basic ) points deducted for blunder to answer every query.

In particular, inscription all of the criteria. Solid ‘ s this information that forms the basis of the agreement. Don ‘ t scrupulous proclaim them that you right the criteria; fork over examples appearance how you good them.

4. Costumier your service to good the specific requirements of the brief

You may offer a wide reach of services but if some of them aren ‘ t relevant to the brief, don ‘ t enclose them.

If you purely want the task, the transcendent plan to score stable is to clothier your service to suit the client. Array why you are contradistinct by adjacent on each area of the client ‘ s urgency and demonstrating your bright sensitive of what they requirement and the street the client will blessing.

5. Point out how you will meet their needs.

When you look back over the tender response, if all you can see is ” we can do this ” and ” we can do that, ” you have not created a compelling case for your selection. Everyone who responds to this tender will say the same thing.

You can distinguish yourself by telling them exactly how you will meet their needs. Talk about the processes you use and the special skills or experience you have. Remember the ” What ‘ s in it for me ” question. Show the client how THEY will benefit from choosing your service over any other. If you can answer that you are on your way to truly connecting with the client.

6. Tell them why they should choose you.

Don ‘ t be afraid to go all out and sell yourself. Many people are uncomfortable doing this but you need to spell out why you and your service are the best choice in your response. You know why you ‘ re good at what you do so tell them – show it. What is it that makes you so different from everyone else who is in consideration? Talk about what you are good at and how you will make the client ‘ s life much easier. That ‘ s what they really want.

Final Comments and what to do if you ‘ re not sure

Of course, it goes without saying that you will show your professionalism by submitting your document to the right place and on time. All of your documentation will be complete, all questions answered and all documents signed. This will give them a great first impression of you and your business which will become even better when they see the wonderful tender document you have submitted.

And lastly, when it comes to tenders, prevention is far more effective than cure. Tenders take a lot of effort and time. Make sure you don ‘ t waste it by misunderstanding the requirements. Six Useful Tips to Writing a Successful Tender Doc


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