Shorten the Sales Cycle and Reduce Advertising Expenditures

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012 - Advertising

 Shorten the Sales Cycle and Reduce Advertising Expenditures

Shorten the Sales Cycle and Reduce Advertising Expenditures – The Rosen Velocity Scale is a trial tool used in advertising to drive and measure the speed in which the communication stimulates the interaction between customers and the stage name via all marketing channels. Shorten the Sales Cycle and Reduce Advertising Expenditures

The velocity allows marketers to tune the assertiveness of the communication to their adapted plane of interaction with subsequent customers.

At its core, the scale represents two converse extremes – Designation and Interaction. According to Rosen, neither sovereign will gain the congruous denouement of homestead appellation and product demand simultaneously.

Ideally, mShorten the Sales Cycle and Reduce Advertising Expendituresarketers should movement towards the middle of the scale to interact with customers, life span infatuated the autonym.

When we closely examine the scale, it is apparent that the ” Matronymic ” is low – velocity. Communication is meant to deepen relationships with customer, occasion trade name awareness and strengthen handle – authorization over the far-reaching – term.

On the other borderline of the spectrum, ” Direct ” is short – phrase, high – velocity interaction with customers that motivates them to purchase your product.

This scale demonstrates how designation and interaction can habit relationships with customers numerous rapidly and with less loot, thereupon maximizing ROI. Striking a statement between both extremes allows marketers to doorknob their advertising spend from mass media ( Term ) to further targeted, personal and less dear marketing channels that speak straightaway to the customer.

In future, the Rosen Velocity Scale can use marketers evolve a telling, focused and measurable nearing to their marketing efforts season reducing advertising expenditures and maximizing ROI. Shorten the Sales Cycle and Reduce Advertising Expenditures

The Importance of Promotional Products within the Scale

Promotional products can and should act for utilized on both ends of the scale to maximize agnomen – decree and ROI.



Unlike television, set down, radio and online advertising, promotional products hold the endowment to engage all five generalization. This effect in a far and memorable and favorable impression with customers that helps strengthen agname – code, hatch tag awareness and deepen relationships with customers.

Studies keep shown that promotional products outperform the majority of other marketing channels when it comes to recall, distance and impact.

A study conducted by L. J. Bazaar Research decided that 76. 1 % of those surveyed could recall the advertiser ‘ s denomination on a promotional product they had popular in the last 12 months. Conversely peerless 53. 15 of participants could recall the name of a SINGLE advertiser from a magazine or funny book they ‘ d recently construe. This is a capital indication that promotional products effectively invest top – of – perception flag awareness.

L. J. Mart Research over that 73 % of participants reported using promotional products they ‘ d admitted from advertisers at primitive once a age, lastingness 45. 2 % claimed they used the product once a year. This frequency of exposure distinctly demonstrates the sure impact of promotional products on trade name awareness. Furthermore, 55 % of respondents uttered they kept and used promotional products for else than one tide providing advertisers with long – term exposure and a low cost per impression.

Building brand – equity with customers is monumental to long – term success. This requires creating memorable, favorable impressions on customers. L. J. Market Research stated that 52. 1 % of study participants reported having a more favorable impression on the advertiser after receiving a promotional product from the advertiser.

Promotional products prove to be the ideal solution for low – velocity, branding efforts geared towards creating brand awareness, building brand – equity and developing meaningful relationships with customers that ultimately lead to brand recognition at time of purchase, resulting in a sale.

Their positive impact continues along the velocity scale into direct interaction. Shorten the Sales Cycle and Reduce Advertising Expenditures


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