Senate Finance Committee OKs a health bill

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Senate Finance Committee OKs a health billSenate Finance Committee

Senate Finance Committee OKs a health bill – The Senate Finance Committee amiable its feature of health handicap better by a 14 – 9 vote Tuesday afternoon, clearing the plan for embodied to show merged salt away higher committee’s bill for a vote by the full Senate. Sen. Olympia Snowe of Maine was the by oneself Republican to vote for the legislation. Gal did hence protect reservations, however, and uttered Democrats shouldn’t count on her vote if the bill is unsimilar significantly before perceptible comes to the asphalt.

“My vote today is my vote today, ” Snowe uttered. “It doesn’t forecast what my vote will epitomize tomorrow. ” The legislation aims to sustain health insurance to massed Americans by expanding Medicaid, providing tax credits to nourishment low – and middle – income Americans purchase coverage, and creating latest health insurance exchanges for people and inadequate businesses. It further would miss employers that don’t offer coverage to help pay for their employees’ government – subsidized coverage. Senate Finance Committee


The bill also includes insurance market reforms. Individuals could not be charged more or denied coverage because of pre – existing conditions. Insurers could no longer drop coverage when individuals get sick. Senate Finance Committee

Senate Finance Committee

Senate Finance Committee, The legislation is projected to cost $829 billion over 10 years, but the Congressional Budget Office projects it would reduce the federal deficit by $81 billion because it curbs the growth of spending on federal health care programs, and raises revenues through new taxes on health insurers, pharmaceutical companies and medical device companies.

Committee chairman Max Baucus ( D – Mont. ) said the legislation is “a balanced plan that can pass the Senate. ” “We don’t have quite the degree of bipartisan support that I would hope for, ” he said, but he appreciated the effort committee members put into the bill. Senate Finance Committee


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