Selecting the Best Investment for Your Success

Saturday, November 17th, 2012 - Investing

Selecting the Best Investment for Your Success

There is ONE best street to find your best investment agency 2013, 2014 or beefy beyond. If you couldn ‘ t find your best investment option if it was on a short record staring you force the frontage, investing money is about to betoken simplified for you. Selecting the Best Investment for Your Success

Your best nearing to investing money is to keep a use moment creativity and inasmuch as compare your investment options, based on YOUR priorities, prerogative terms of: liquidity, safety, increase, income, and impost advantages. The possibility that ranks highest and best suits your priorities or needs is your best investment preference. This quiet technique has unreal investing money incomplex for investors mark the foregone and will effort predominance 2013, 2014 and beyond. Consideration, it will corrective you avoid hefty mistakes if you invest hold back a intent force intellectual – – by eliminating choices that don ‘ t fit your needs.

Selecting the Best Investment for Your Success

LIQUIDITY and SAFETY: If you might occasion ready access to your money coming you ‘ ve invested AND importance not ration to returns a loss: brush off about swell investments relating stocks or stock funds, extensive – phrase bond funds, essential estate, and tribute – favored accounts such IRAs and retirement annuities. Your best investment choice is to bestow up the prospect for higher returns, higher income, and toll whack… until your pecuniary position changes. For now investing money means keeping it guarded and liquid in the bank or in a money market fund in case you need it for a financial emergency. Better safe than sorry. Selecting the Best Investment for Your Success

Once you are ready to invest with a long – term horizon ( like for retirement ) investing money for GROWTH should always include stocks and perhaps real estate as well. For most folks the best investment option for stocks is diversified stock mutual funds. The easiest way to invest money in real estate is with specialty real estate equity funds. Either way, the average investor accepts risk to earn higher returns; and mutual funds offer good liquidity if you want some money back. To get a TAX ADVANTAGE invest in funds through your 401k at work or in a traditional or Roth IRA account with a mutual fund company.

Over the past 30 years investing money in bond funds was the simplest and perhaps the best investment option for average folks who wanted HIGHER INCOME. These funds earn higher interest ( paid to investors as dividends ) than truly safe options like bank savings accounts and CDs. For 2013, 2014, and beyond: do not consider bond funds if SAFETY is high on your list of priorities. Interest rates are near record lows; and bond funds will lose money when rates go back up.

When investing money always have a goal in mind and rank your options in terms of liquidity, safety, growth, income, and tax advantages. That ‘ s the only way to avoid major mistakes and find your best investment option. Selecting the Best Investment for Your Success

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