Selecting and preparing lectures abroad

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Selecting and preparing lectures abroadSelecting and preparing lectures abroad

Study abroad .. Almost all the people dreaming .. golden opportunity to learn the culture of other countries .. Your mind becomes open .. But if I could?. Selecting and preparing lectures abroad

1) Identify your strengths and Weaknesses ..

Identify strengths and weaknesses of yourself .. We strengthened our strength .. Should be weaknesses to try to overcome (minimize) as soon as possible .. For example, identification of financial ability, academic ability, etc. .. If the unlimited financial capabilities .. No problems study abroad .. Problems will arise if the limited financial skill .. So stuck my dream? Do not give up .. there are many scholarship opportunities .. achieve the occasion ..

2) Win the information

The key to victory is valid information that we can better early than others ..

How do I get the information we need?

First is networking .. Make friends with everyone, especially with people who power positive .. Because sooner or later we will carry positive .. Sooner or later, they will provide information that may be useful for ourselves ..

The second is the internet .. The Internet is the world’s information resources .. By simply sitting in front of computer or browsing I-phone, PDA, blackberry or various other types of HP, we can enjoy free time with hunting information ..

Third, diligent diligently reading newspapers, magazines, leaflets, exhibitions, etc. .. Multimedia is also a source of information. Selecting and preparing lectures abroad

Selecting and preparing lectures abroad

3) grasp the information coz it will not knock your door two times ..


The ability exists, the information we can .. moreover ya? The next stage is to take advantage of that information .. Perform the first step … The first step usually is the most Difficult Part of any kind of job .. Feeling lazy and feeling less confident that the main enemy, must be removed immediately .. Do the first action NOW .. Not Tomorrow. because tomorrow there will be other work we have to do .. Perfect results will lead to unparalleled inner satisfaction ..

Moreover, if we have good information but not utilized for yourself or for someone else .. Will it be useless .. Share the info with others .. Sharing with others will never hurt ..

4) The ability of a foreign language ..

Well, if you want to study abroad .. definitely a foreign language proficiency is an absolute .. We want to learn where? For example, want to study in Japan, certainly, we have to learn Japanese and take exams Nihon-go-no ryko shiken held (usually) end of each year in Indonesia ..

If you want to study in English-speaking countries .. TOEFL or IELTS is a must .. Achieve the highest score. especially if you want to get a scholarship ..

5) Ability academic ..

Do not embarrass Indonesia abroad .. Although the ability of the brain barely fit, like me, but do not ever give up .. we have to overcome weaknesses in prayer, study and work hard ..

6) non-academic activities ..

Life Should Be Balanced .. between academic and non academic activities .. Follow the organization’s activities .. Non-academic activities are very useful at all .. Besides expanding networking, can also be used as learning how to manage your time well, how to overcome the problem of the organization to achieve common goals, how to handle Difficult persons, etc. Selecting and preparing lectures abroad


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