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Monday, April 9th, 2012 - Business Gallery

ScanBuku offer Digitizing Service BooksScanBuku offer Digitizing Service Books

There are easy ways to save a collection of our favorite books. When the bookshelf is not fit to hold them, then our collection of books can be converted into digital or electronic version. ScanBuku offer Digitizing Service Books owner, Andrew explains how it was taken because of today’s society has lost its way to store a collection of their favorite books. To care for the book collection was not easy and inexpensive.

“The solution is made in the book is the digital version. How to keep it simple, do not take place and re-read it too easy,” Andri said when met at the birthday celebrations both in the House Local Startup Multimedia Telkom Jakarta, Saturday (04/07/2012). ScanBuku offer Digitizing Service Books

Solution with the digitization of books is done scanning method (scan). Dismantled and done scanning books per page or pages that are desired by consumers.

Usually consumers threw the book collection after it is created in digital version. But if interested, consumers can request books that have been dismantled and re-scanned to be bound. The book could be restored, or donated to the party in need.

The results of scanning the file with a PDF format. This file can be read on laptops, tablet or mobile phone that supports the PDF file.

Kelebihdan of using PDF form files, consumers can still take / copy the contents of the book. So that consumers can take the words or pages to be sent or cited.

This method has been rampant in the United States and Japan. In Indonesia, the book is only done by digitizing a large print company.

“While we are doing this business for private customers (retail). Now the trend has begun to bloom, there are 10-20 people a day who can do a scan,” he said.

To perform the scan does not have to be expensive, only Rp 15,000 per 100 pages (content) and Rp 3,000 per cover.

Until now, the book can be scanned up to A4 paper size and minimum size of 6×6 cm. ScanBuku offer Digitizing Service Books

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